Celebrities how have been spotted without underwear in public

A number of celebs go without wearing underwear in many instances in public; they may either be complementing the latest designer gown or may be too lazy to get fully dressed when going to the grocers.


What had started as an accident has become a clever publicity student but the worst part if get caught wearing nothing at all when in public. Stars have been careless, especially when getting in or out of vehicles baring them selves to cameras just outside their cars.

Who can forget Britney Spears who had completely forgotten everything and then there is the bootylicious Kim Kardashian and Rihanna to stars like Matthew McConaughey.

Bollywood has also caught up with the no underwear gimmick, apart from the Bollywood babes many leading Hollywood ladies have had their history of getting snapped without undergarments.


Firstly, in Bollywood we have Yana Gupta how had readily accepted her goof up when she had skipped wearing any skivvies when attending a local charity event. While other actresses would have fumbled for words, she was very sporty about the whole thing lightly even when she was nick named no panty girl. This was followed by her receiving underwear as gifts during Christmas and was also offered to pose nude for Rs. one crore for a UK based men’s magazine.

Neetu Chandra was soon to follow and was apparently snapped without her skivvies as well, she too was at a social happening. While the media believes that it was intentional, she denied everything stating that she has dignity. Sonali Bendre was also rumored to go commando but she has rubbished all these claims saying that the media had misquoted her.


Probably the leader of the panty less brigade- Paris Hilton has been spotted a number of times in public baring her crotch while stepping out of cars.

Following her nasty divorce with then husband Kevin Federline, Britney Spears was also spotted with out undies occasionally. Lindsay Lohan also joins this crowd. During her infamous troubles, she was caught at the Venice Film Festival.

Miley Cyrus was aloes in the same predicament when celebrity blogger Perez Hilton posted a photo of her online without undies. Cyrus had said that she did have undies on and that the photo was faked, a fact that Hilton had also admitted to.

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