Celebrity Cosplay Costumes For Comic-Con ? The 4 Fandom Favorites!

The four day convention of Comic-Con of 2013 will see the entire geek world coming together for the numerous panels and sneak peak? of films and TV Shows that would go on to create waves in that world. And what most of them are eagerly waiting for is the coolest part of the convention ? The Cosplay! The crazy plethora of elaborate costumes worn by super fans and celebrities! Here?s some of the best celebrity cospay costume suggestions for Comic Con this year!


KhalDrogo and DaenaerysTargaryen by Liam Hemsworth and Jennifer Lawrence

Fans who have been eagerly waiting for the sneak preview of Hunger games: Catching Fire are hoping against hope that cast members, specially the hot couple of Liam and Jennifer show up in Games of Thrones Costumes! A look of Lawrence with that White hair in the pleated skirt, brown gloves and boots coupled with a bare bodied Hemsworth sporting eyeliner and a long braid is to die for!

Eleventh Doctor by Kristen Bell

Going by the much anticipated 50th anniversary special of ?Doctor Who? fans wants a Cosplay entry of the problem-solving and people-saving lord! And who can be a better suggestion than Kristen Bell, the tough and adventurous investigator in Veronica Mars. With all the excitement about Veronica Mars around, Bell would get away by wearing anything, but the tweed jacket, suspenders fez and bow tie is definitely the best suggestion for Bell this year!

Buffy Summers by Shailene Woodley

Since people have not really heard that much about the movie ?Divergent? So far, it?s a good idea for Shailene Woodley to showcase a Cosplay dress to impress! And the favourite of the fandom world for the Comic Con this year for Woodley seem to be Buffy! Sticking to the classics, a pair of leather pants, a tank top, the wooden weapons and lastly the cold death stare is all that Woodley needs for the perfect Buffy look!

Thor and Locki by Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalechi

Can it get better than this? Two brothers, one intellectual and ambiguous while the other a flirtish warrior, they are as perfect to dress as Thor and Locki as Thor and Locki themselves! With the panel for the 9th season of the ?Supernatural? being scheduled in the later part of the weekend, theres enough time for this brother duo to take up the Cosplay red carpet by storm! A black trench with shining gold shoulder caps coupled with a floor length green nape and antler helmet should do for Jared? while Jensen can showcase a metallic breastplate and red cape with the iconic hammer in hand!

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