Beer Series: Soaking up beef

ffIn this chapter of beef series, we shall review two beef marinades. The recipe for beef marinade mixes sweet and sour flavors in form of lemon juice and sugar.The cook could have used herbs in place of salad oil, which would have inproved the flavor and aroma of beef. Similarly, adding crushed garlic powder could have allowed the garlic flavor and aroma mingle thoroughly than whole garlic clove. However, cloves add to the aroma and heat of the marinade, and lemon juice and beer helps to tenderize the meat.
Yet another marinade from, fuses in all the seasonings at the time of marinade allowing the flavors to permeate fully in the flesh. While dry mustard and Tabasco sauce add to the acidity and heat of the beef, honey and soy sauce enhance the redness of the beef . Here fresh ginger acts as a tenderizing enzyme.
Beer marinades go well when beef like London broil and Sirloin tips are grilled.
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Read More:Marinade

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