Chocolate ganache: Variations in the chocolate punch

You get a good chocolate treat only if you are in Manila. I fail to understand why Lori is using a term like deconstruction to a culinary item, not forgetting that Derrida used it not to define any physical structure, but to analyze the play of meanings in a structure. It is better if we keep our chocolate cakes away from philosophical renderings.

Anyways, Lori has successfully reviewed four store in Manila who know how to melt you into their chocolates.
The Quezon city in Manila gives you Chocolat, a baker’s store which store four different varieties of chocolate cakes, namely Classic, Kahlua, Irish, and Bailey’s.
The Irish deep dark chocolate in the picture, floats in a deep dark ganache and is studded with chips and marshmallow. The Starbucks give you the most melting and soft cakes having the butterscotch flavor.

Duncelin offers the softest crumb very similar to black forest cake and has a caramel frosting to give you a bittersweet flavor; well this is not enough to describe the cake , you have to taste it to know it. Duncelin also offers you a strawberry shortcake and mango torte.
Karen Young presents a Chocolate Ganache Cake, it gives a chocolate punch like other cakes except for the intricate frosting done on he cake.

As I found out all the cakes to be similar in taste except for their icing and frosting which creates all the differance. Thanks dessertsfirst

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