8 Classic Movies That Were Nearly Ruined by Bad Ideas

Would Pulp Fiction have the same thrill and fun if Samuel L. Jackson wasn’t cast in the movie? Or can Titanic be the same heart-wrenching romantic drama without the ending where old Rose threw her necklace in the abyss? Here are 8 classic movies that would have been completely different if the original plans for themwould have seen light of the day.

  1. Alice In Wonderland

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    Alice In Wonderland is considered as one of the classic children movies. The movie is based on the eponymous novel by Lewis Carroll. Originally, the producers planned to make it a horror movie full with gore and blood. Thanks to the time taken by Disney to delay the project all that was removed and we got an anyone-can-watch-classic movie.

  2. Alien

    Ridley Scott wasn’t sure about the ending of Alien even after the movie entered into production. If things have gone in accord with Scott then we would have known about an ending to the classic sci-fi thriller in which the alien had eaten heroine’s head and then logged an entry using her voice. Thankfully, this didn’t happened as the producers refused to release additional funding unless the ending was bright.

  3. Back To The Future

    Michael J. Fox’s performance as the funny and lively protagonist Marty McFly from the Back To The Future movie series has evolved into a cult over the years. But this might not have been the case.When Robert Zemeckis was looking for the male lead, Fox was unavailable because of schedule that he had given to sitcom Family Ties. Robert started principal photography with Eric Stoltz as McFly but soon realized that it wasn’t working. Thanks to Zemeckis, Michael was able to sign an agreement that allowed him to play the heartfelt Marty McFly.

  4. Captain America: The First Avenger

    Everyone loves Chris Evans as the American patriot/superhero, Captain America. No one can think of anyone more worthy than Chris to play The First Avenger but back when Marvel was casting Captain America, they thought of John Kransinski. Do you think Kransinski could have been a better Steve Rogers if he was given the part?

  5. Pulp Fiction

    Samuel L. Jackson gave the Oscar nominated performance in Pulp Fiction as the hitman Jules Winnfield. Movie’s director Quentin Tarantino even wrote the role specifically for Samuel. Amusingly enough, during the auditioning for the role of Winnfield, Quentin was very much impressed from the audition given by Paul Calderon. After knowing about this, Jackson went to LA, met with the director and snatched the role.

  6. Rocky

    Rocky gave the ultimate message of inspiration, working hard and never giving it up even if he wasn’t able to win the fight against Apollo Creed. The original ending to the movie was planned something else though. In the original script, Rocky was to fake a knock out for collecting cash and purchase a pet store for Adrian.

  7. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    TMNT movie was based on TMNT comic which was a violent and adult representation of 5 mutant turtles. The original script of the movie was dark and gruesome as the original comic series. If the movie would have been shot as originally planned then you must have witnessed the death of a number of Foot Clan members at the hands of antagonist Razor in the movie.

  8. Titanic

    We all love the classic Titanic ending where an aged Rose let go of her priceless Heart of the Ocean necklet into the chasm. Think about if this was not the case and original ending of the movie had been Rose giving a serious speech about life being the single priceless thing and Bill Paxton maniacally laughing with crazy eyes. This ridicule scene was actually shot but thanks to the producers it was changed in the end.

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