Clooney is the man for us

He was deemed the “Sexiest Man Alive” twice, was a receiver of three Golden Globe Awards, and two Emmy Awards, but his fame does not end here, as he excelled in every field he was ever in, from politics to directing a film. You can surely guess who we are talking about in here; who else but the great George Clooney? We know him since he first appeared in a major role in the sitcom E/R in 1984. But he was most widely known for Ocean’s Eleven which received much critical acclaim. Some of the other movies he has acted or directed in include The Men Who Stare At Goats, The American, The Ides Of March, Three Kings, One Fine Day, Batman And Robin, Ocean’s Thirteen, and etc.?

We love him not only for his movies, but him as a person. He was a political activist, and Clooney has served as the United Nation’s Messengers of Peace. His personality is such, that you are bound to fall in love with.

Here are some reasons we are never tired of drooling over this sexy man, George Clooney:

We love to look at him

Be it he in his well tailored tuxedos or sweater and jeans; we never get bored of George Clooney. He rocks in his own style, and spreads the charisma everywhere. He can mesmerize you with just a look from those sexy eyes. Even his still photographs make us wonder if this god like man is really a human being. The way he talks, the way he walks, the way he laughs, everything makes us fantasize over him. No doubt he was given the title of the “Sexiest Man Alive” not once, but twice!

He is a humble

Last year, Clooney was nominated for the Best Actor at the Oscars, and what he did? Instead of voting for him, he voted for Bridges, and who eventually took the Oscars home.  And we know this is not any bluff as the actor had photographed his ballot and sent it to Bridges. What more can a man do but being this humble? We also know him for a humanitarian, but he never let that get all of him; yes we mean media inference here.


Amidst all sexy factors and all, he is a very humorist from heart

Our favourite actor also has got a funny bone in him, which he uses too wisely. When approached during the Italian sex scandal about Silvio Berlusconi, he said that he had met Berlusconi only once, that too while he was trying to get an aid into Darfur. Also, George Clooney’s Batman movie titled Batman and Robin was the worst Batman movie ever made, but he is the kind of man who had laughed about it later, and took it lightly and was not at all sensitive about the criticisms it got.

His relationships with women

We know he was not very successful with women for too long. Clooney had a lot of relationships, which were high areas of media’s interest, but the way he handled his personal life and the public is worth admiration. He would talk all personal, still not making it public, such was the man. Despite all these controversies over so many relationships, he is still the idol of most women. A big poster of the actor somehow finds a way to every girl’s bedroom.

There can be hundreds of reasons why we love George Clooney, and the 53 year old will always remain a mesmerizing face every time we see him. And of all, we don’t need some bakwas reasons to love the man, do we? We love him, and that’s all.

Long live the man, and long live our love for him.

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