Coffee Berry 2500 introduces benefits of Coffee Berry to the US market

coffee berrryWe all had been witnessing the usage of coffee beans in the culinary industry but now we shall see the usage of whole coffee berry rich in antioxidants. The coffee Berry or whole coffee fruit will be introduced by the US organic products manufacturer New Chapter. New Chapter’s patent-pending technology licensed by the VDF Future Ceuticals has made it possible for the North American Market to experience the goodness of antioxidants and essential sugars in the concoction of the fruit berry.

As per New Chapter’s, VDF/FC’s president, Jeff Van Drunen:

Enthusiasm for CoffeeBerry has been steadily growing throughout the industry. VDF/FC was looking for a partner company that would be willing to produce and market a stand-alone CoffeeBerry product to be marketed in retail health food channels. VDF FutureCeuticals has partnered with New Chapter because New Chapter has exhibited an overall enthusiasm, organization and commitment to the development of CoffeeBerry as a new category in the nutritional supplement arena.

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