Dangerous rumors that followed Paris Attacks

Majority of people pray for the victims, feel sorry and sad, and pray that terrorist attacks, and other such unpleasant events do not take place again. On the other hand, few exceptional people instead of feeling any of these mentioned feelings believe in spreading rumors. Lies and rumors that are damaging for the victims and for the entire nation. Here are some of the lies that followed horrifying Paris Attacks 2015:

Muslims celebrated Paris attacks

Paris Attacks 2

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On the eve of November 2015, coordinated terrorist attacks took place in Paris. When disturbing videos of the attacks were making rounds on social media, there was one video that was all the more disturbing and hurting.

A video circulated on Facebook, showing a group of UK Muslims celebrating, waving Islamic flags and smiling. The video soon gathered countless view and hate comments. However, shortly after it was found that the video had nothing to do with Paris attacks, they were celebrating Pakistan’s victory in a cricket match.

Media ignored the Beirut Bombing

Paris Attacks 1

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It was just a day before Paris Attacks on November 13, 2015, two ISIS suicide bombers exploded in Beirut, killing approximately 43 people. Soon bloggers started questioning why Beirut bombing was ignored. They put the blame on media for covering Paris attacks so well and ignoring Beirut bombing that caused death of brown-skinned people. However, soon after it was found that media is not to blame but people are. The news of Beirut bombing was everywhere on media but somehow readers ignored it.

Media ignored efforts of a Muslim security guard

Paris Attacks 3

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Yet another very disturbing rumor that followed Paris Attacks was that a brave Muslim security guard stopped a suicide bomber, but media ignored his noble efforts. Well, it is not hard to comprehend the motive of the person or a group who spread this rumor. It seems such people are trying their level best to divide our society further. The sole truth about this entire cooked up story is that someone stopped the suicide bomber from entering Stade de France, so he exploded outside, thus, saving so many lives inside. It is also correct that Zouheir was the security guard there that night but whether he stopped the bomber or not, or whether he was there when the bomb exploded is not clear. Besides, whether he is a Muslim or not, even this is also not clear.

When majority of people were feeling sad for the victims of Paris Attacks, some people were finding opportunities to spread rumors. Lies spread by people who are too desperate to divide our society further.

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