Delhi 2019: Imagining a (positive) future for Delhi after 5 years of AAP government

The Aam Aadmi Party created history by trouncing the BJP to win the Delhi Assembly elections. Winning a grand 67 of the 70 seats, the AAP is all set to form the next government in the nation’s capital. As everyone wonders what the new CM Kejriwal has in store for the state, we would like to offer a brief glimpse of what lies in store for Delhi five years from now, provided the AAP is able to meet its election promises.

Increased Security for Women

sexual assault

Delhi is sometimes called as the rape capital of India owing to the troubles the city has had with assaults and rapes. While nothing seems to dissuade the perpetrators of such heinous crimes, we are hoping that the AAP brandishes its whip and does something about them. The party would need to focus on increasing the security for women in the capital and dole out very stringent punishments for rapists.

CCTV Cameras in Buses, Streets and Colonies

CCTV camera

A lot of crimes in the capital go undetected mainly because no witnesses come forward to recognize the perpetrators. The AAP’s promise of installing CCTV cameras in buses, streets, colonies and buildings, etc. may be just what is needed to bring these individuals to justice. Better security and surveillance options offered by these cameras would also make individuals more wary of committing a crime.

Rebuilding and regularizing slums


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The AAP enjoyed a mass connect with the lower class slum dwellers, often visiting them in their locality to learn about the living conditions and offer support. It would be interesting to see what Kejrwal does for these people after assuming power in Delhi. We are sincerely hoping that the AAP does what no other party has ever done till date, clean out these slums and replace the dilapidated dwellings with stronger houses and colonies.

Reduced electricity and water tariffs

Indian currency

In his 49 days of being Delhi’s CM, Kejriwal had successfully reduced electricity tariffs and regularized water supply throughout Delhi. One would expect the same from the party now that it has come back to power. One of the many promises made by the AAP in its election manifesto is that of cheaper electricity and free supply of water. Let’s hope the party lives up its promise.

Zero tolerance towards corruption

Zero tolerance towards corruption

One of the main reasons the AAP came to power was its promise to offer a corruption free government as well as a transparent governance policy, which would allow the common man to have a better view of how the wheels turn in running the capital. This would in turn allow him/her have a better say on matters regarding corruption and similar issues.


The AAP is about to form the new government in Delhi. As we wait for this moment, we look forward to seeing the above mentioned changes in the capital in the next few years.

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