Demi Moore seeks attention- Britney’s way

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We all know that for this season ‘showing off lingerie’ was a fashion faux pas. That is why I guess celebrities have sort out a new way to attract attention; by showing off their private parts or getting a nipple slip every week. That’s the mantra for Britney spears at least. But I had a conviction that Britney Spears is the only contestant and thus the winner of this nipple showing race. However, to my surprise we have another celebrity giving her a tough time. Who is she? The answer is Demi Moore. She was seen supporting a transparent top and wearing nothing below. I actually found it so amusing that she was trying to cover her head instead of her breasts.
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I guess, it is time to remind me all of you and especially the celebrities that showing off your assets like that, doesn’t make you look hot at all.

Source: Femalefirst

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