Disruption in Indian Politics a likely event via Delhi elections

The elections in Delhi will most likely create a fascinating disruption in the country’s existing political schema, and could possibly set the foundation for the same worldwide. Let’s do a bit more research about this phenomenon in order to understand its significance better.


India obtained freedom in 1947. Over the years, the country as well the various political parties that governed it helped contribute to an inspiring growth. However, many experts believe that this achievement is only sub-optimal.

The arrival of the BJP led NDA government in May 2014 left many an Indian finally feeling good about their country. Truly indeed, the current state of affairs seems to feel different for the quintessential Indian. However, when considering the broader picture, one can understand that the paradigm has hardly shifted. Rather, it has just been handed over to another set of politicians who would carry it forward without any change. Simply speaking, the actors change, but the central plot does not.

successful idea

This is why a shift in the paradigm is essentially considered as a breath of fresh air needed to revive politics instead of letting the idea die a slow, grieving death. A paradigm shift usually occurs when someone who brings forth new, more relevant alternatives challenges established principles and purposes. This causes a disruption that does not go unnoticed by the people.

These disruptions are not always pleasant, and would easily rattle certain groups who would do everything in their power to resist it. This results in a silent fight where it is the old, outdated paradigm with the new, more radical alternative, with parties on both sides relentlessly fighting it out to bring their respective paradigms to the forefront. It is only when the masses step in and decide to favor one side does this battle end. The entry of the masses, in this case the audience, signals the arrival of the new normal and the much needed shift in paradigm.


Delhi is on the verge of experiencing such a paradigm shift with a new challenging force coming forth to break the stronghold of the seemingly unchallenged authority (at least till now). However, the new force can make it to the forefront only with the help of the masses aka the citizens of Delhi. In this case, it is up to the people of Delhi to brush aside the parties and people as mere actors, and instead focus on the paradigm they want.

As such, the city would need to either go with the old paradigm or resist any attempted changes or experiments to the same. Or it should decide to show its extended loyalty to the new experimental paradigm and get involved in triggering a much overdue political disruption that would be an inspiring turn in Indian politics.


Delhi is all set to create history by introducing a disruption in Indian politics that will be likely looked upon by other countries around the world. It is up to the people of Delhi to initiate this disruption and show their loyalty to the emerging winner.

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