Does young India actually trust Modi?


As the dates for the 16th Lok Sabha election comes closer, the question rise in nation that, who will be the PM this time round. Top contest is between UPA’s candidate Rahul Gandhi and BJP’s candidate Narendra Modi. Well, whatever be it, the election tactics for the commoners should be to elect the less evil. While experts suggest strictly to, go with experience, as the nation of 1.2 billion can’t be let into the hands of a learner.


Comparing with the so called “youth icon” of the nation, Rahul Gandhi, Modi’s approach is more affirmative and youth appealing. Eradication of the corruption that operates throughout the country in various forms should be the soul motto.

Well, today’s youth is very much up against corruption as they know that this leads to the downfall of the country creating loop holes. So, the youth consent with Modi’s proposal and the majority of the youth population is inclined towards Modi for this year’s election.

Referring to the development in all fields in Gujarat during Modi’s rule as the CM, it will not be wrong to say that similar result awaits the nation if he gets elected as the PM. It is sensible to choose an experienced politician to an inexperienced one who has little or no political achievements as such.

The youth of the nation has to trust Modi for the positivity of the nation, as he is the most eligible for the post of PM than any other candidates.


Well, many might say that Rahul Gandhi is the ultimate youth icon and will bring transformation in the youth population of the country. The trust factor doesn’t go well with the chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress, who is just a newbie.

Also, the fact that Congress had been involved in many corruption cases and has Swiss Bank accounts with resources to feed two lifetimes doesn’t make a pleasant scenario. So the young India should be trusting on Modi in every aspect. The youth, that is, the future of the nation, should decide the future.


Modi looks confident and composed and all set to (likely) win the Lok Sabha election with the whole nation backing him. The youth will play an important role in this year’s election as an increase of 100 million newly eligible has been confirmed. The nation to choose Modi as the PM not by default but by positive preference.

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