Don celebrity hairstyles in a natural way

Who doesn?t want to look as gorgeous and as glamorous as a celebrity? But if you thought that styling your hair the celebrity way is damaging, then think again!
It?s true that most of the hairstyles that our lovable celebrities don are quite difficult to make and use straightening and chemicals that can damage your hair, but not all celebrity hairstyles are difficult or chemical laced. In fact, several contemporary stars have ditched their love for iron and curls, opting for natural styles to look stunning. Many African- American stars, in particular, are now known for their natural curls, their messy yet chic up dos and hairstyles that can make a commoner grab limelight!


These sexy, curly natural hairstyles don?t require any hairstylist and will take you a maximum of five minutes, which is a lot better than sticking your hair in a hot iron for 20 minutes or so. Let?s take a look on our favorite picks straight from the red carpet.

Bangs: If you thought that straight hair is in, then think again. Just don?t lose your wavy bangs so fast! Let your natural curly bangs flow as they look fabulous without a hot iron. Remember to use a leave-in conditioner to keep it soft and wavy. An endless number of celebrities, including Knightly, Alba, and Simpson, have tried this style.


Side-swept: Side swept is an elegant, chic and altogether easy to make hairstyle. What you need are a few bobby pins and a wide tooth comb to try this ultra feminine hairstyle. Remember, side swept needs a good side part! Emma Stone does look stylish with this easy to do look.


Slicked back: You can always look for a two textured hair style by donning a ponytail that will give you a polished look in the front and mega volume curls at the back. This look comes with a motto “business in the front, party in the back”. A favorite with stylists like Rachel Zoe, this hairstyle is sure to add uniqueness to your persona.

Center Part: This is one of the easiest tricks that too will switch up your look. Try a Center Part that will give your hair a complete new look. This is an excellent option if you have fuller cheeks. Jessica Simpson donned this hairstyle after she gained weight due to pregnancy.


Retro Pompadour: Have wild curls? Then you must take advantage of the natural volume. Use the lovely curls to get yourself a retro look. Haven?t we already seen Zoe Saldana in this look?

Tinted Ends: If you want really short hair then go for color. Coloring will certainly emphasize the texture. Rihanna and Halle Berry are its perfect example.


Top knot: No matter what kind of hair you have, greasy, thin, thick, or curly, the top knot is for everyone. To add something extra you can always go for face-framing ringlets. Sandra Bullock, Natalie Portman, and Twilight star Kristan Stewart, have donned these hairstyles time and again.

So, now you don?t have a reason not to look like a celebrity!

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