Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

These days, decoration has taken an all new meaning as it always means something more than meets the eye. The window treatments in the children’s room will not only enhance the overall decor but will also allow the natural flow of light which can help in saving energy. You can introduce the following methods to redo the house and also bring down the energy consumption substantially.


The awnings can help you reduce the heat up to 65% in summers and help you keep the house warm in winters. The awnings are available in many materials that you can choose as per the decor style and incorporate in the design. You can choose the ones made in fabric that allows more ventilation and are much easier to retract and adjust as per the weather.


The blinds are one of the most conventional ways to control the flow of light inside a room. You can use it as children’s window coverings as they are flexible and can reduce the heat up to 45% in summers. You can adjust the blinds in such a way that it blocks and reflects the sunlight directly on to the light colored ceiling which can spread the glare more evenly across the room.



There are many factors that influence the drape’s ability to loose or gain heat. If you are trying to prevent the gain of heat in summers, then you need to choose heavy curtains that can prevent any heat from passing into the room from windows. You can reduce heat by almost 30% by using medium colored drapes. Also in winters, you can prevent the heat from escaping if you use the right kind of drapes. To make these most effective, you should make sure that the curtains are placed close to the windows and allow them to overlap in the center.

High Reflectivity Films

You can block the summer heat by using these high reflective films on a window. This is especially useful in summers as they block the sun heat and may not be your best option for winters. It is always advisable to use the silver colored thin films than the colored ones. You can easily apply these films by yourself on the windows because of its easy application.


Insulated Panels

These panels are made using foam board insulation. You can tightly seal the window’s edges to the frame without using any hardware like the hinges or the latches. You can get these for a steal and are one of the most effective ways to let the heat escape or enter through the windows. All you need is an additional space to store these panels when you are not using them. Of course if your windows are leaky or inefficient enough to necessitate the use of these panels it might be in your best interest to call Schantz Home Improvement for a consultation on getting modern, energy-efficient models.



Shades can be a very promising alternative to save the energy if used properly. You need to make sure that the shades are mounted as close to the glass as possible. In summers, just lower the shades to prevent heat from sneaking in and in winters you can pull them up and lower them during the night.

You can also consider using the dual shades for more efficiency which are reflective on the inside and heat absorbing on the outside. You can switch the sides depending upon the weather for more sensible application.

These sources are just one of the many options that one can employ to naturally use the sun’s heat to their advantage. This will take the dependence off the artificial means and also save loads of money on the energy saving.


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