Exotic celebrity home interior decoration ideas

Decorating one’s home is just like a dream coming true, for most of us. For celebrities, it’s more of an amusement. Maybe that is one of the reasons why some of the crankiest and weird home decoration ideas or interior decorating ideas are found among them.

Generally, it is not that architects and designers from all over the world deliberately make these strangely decorated homes in order to bring out the best; ironically, it is that they check payers who insist on such interiors. Like the Grammy Award Pop Star Lady Gaga ordered an egg-shaped bed for her apartment. Late Pop Star Michael Jackson possessed an oxygen chamber in his house, which was supposed to help him living for more than 100 years. Christina Aguilera???s baby room has pirate decoration all around. Adding to the list is the room of Actress Demi Moore, who has added porcelain made dolls with human home.

There are also people who have decorated their homes and even restaurants in strange ways. There is a hotel named ???Hitlers Cross???, based on the German Dictator Hitler???s muses and antiquities. Another hotel, Mary Ellis grave, has found its place in the middle of a movie theater parking lot.

There is a lot more all over the world than just these and to satisfy the decoration desires of people, there are shops which encourage interior decorating ideas. One such place is http://www.hometone.com/, which gives innumerable ideas to decorate homes and interiors. From children???s room, bedroom, living room, bathroom and even garage, they have lots of ideas and decorations to choose from.

If you wish to indulge in more, just visit Hometone website, and see what all you can do to make your home look nothing less than a ???celebrity home???!

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