Federal Aviation Administration gives green signal to commercial delivery drones

You may soon witness the flock of drones hovering in the skies of the US, delivering everything from pizzas and beers to gadgets. A federal judge, Patrick Geraghty has ruled that use of drones for commercial purposes is now legal in the US. Seven years ago, when television advertisement director Raphael Pirker, flew a drone near Statue of Liberty, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) fined him with a $10000 fee. He filed a writ against FAA and now has won the case that allows the use of commercial drones for delivery purposes.


The rules change with time and so will the usage of drones change. Right now, FAA does not have any other guideline regarding flight pattern of drones neither does it have any laws regarding what these flying devices could carry along. However, the authorities will certainly fix some norms regarding the operation of drones in the United States. The commercial drones are likely to have some benefits, but they will indeed carry a few disadvantages as well.


New paradigm in consumer service

Commercial drones will unquestionably prove to be a new paradigm in consumer service. When you order certain product from any retail store or online web store, you will have an option of faster delivery through drones. Amazon is the first online store that is thinking about using drones for delivery purposes. There might be an option to introduce such drones that offer cash on delivery service, where you will be able to confer money to the drone in order to complete your shopping process.


Save time and money

Commercial drones will prove to be beneficial by saving a lot of time and money. Delivering products through sky will lead to faster processing and you will be able to get your product on or before time. It will save money too, other methods of delivery use cars and bikes but delivery drones are battery powered, hence saving a lot of money.


Environmental benefits

Most companies manufacture environmental friendly drones, these drones do not use gasoline, diesel or any other harmful chemical to power themselves. Instead, they are battery powered which is much of an eco friendly technique to operate drones and move them from one place to another. Some drones are wind and solar powered, making them extra environmental friendly and a preferred choice of most retail stores.



The commercial delivery drones are bound to have some drawbacks too. They will definitely work in place of delivery boys, who earn their living by working for companies in exchange of monetary benefits. This will raise unemployment. Moreover, these drones may also be a threat for government as well as public. State of the art drone might transport harmful chemicals, weapons or even illegal substances like drugs.

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