Female Superhero Movies Hollywood needs to churn out soon

Enough of the men donning costumes and performing amazing stunts to save humanity, let us give women a chance to speak out too. Hollywood has only recently started warming up to female centric films like Gravity, The Hunger Games, Frozen, etc., which have all been declared blockbusters without boasting of any men in the lead. Considering that, here are five female centric superhero movies that Hollywood can possibly churn out in the near future.

 Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie: Manhunter

She’s the quintessential female superhero of Hollywood and can definitely pull out a role like Manhunter which would see her portray Kate Spencer, the New York based public prosecutor who doubles as doting mother and a clandestine vigilante.

 Anne Hathway

Anne Hathway: Catwoman

Halle Berry did not make much of an impression as Cat Woman. We cannot say the same for Anne Hathway though who managed to stake her claim and have her own share of the limelight in “The Dark Knight Rises.” We would definitely want to see more of her, possibly in another franchise dedicated solely to the Cat Woman.

 Zhang Zivi

Zhang Zivi: Spiderman

We are so used to seeing the Spiderman now that our hearts are literally aching for a Spiderwoman a’ la Jessica Drew, the terrorist turned vigilante in Marvel comics who is infected by genetic mutation passed down by her father. And who else would be better to essay this role than Zhang Zivi who can give Spiderman a run for his money with her aerial antics?

 Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep: Jean Grey

We never liked that the character of Jean Grey was put to an end in the X-Men series. That is why we want a reel life adaption of the comic book in which Jean Grey is restored to life. And the role would be tailor made for none other than Meryl Streep who can take it on and churn out a block buster with her tremendous acting potential for sure.

 Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson: Black Widow

With Johannson openly admitting to wanting to star in a Black Widow franchise series, we wonder whether Marvel Studios would take note and act accordingly. The Black Widow has her own share of the action in the Marvel series. Therefore, like Captain America, it would only be befitting that she gets her own movie too.

We would definitely like to see quite a number of female superheroes take the lead and give their male counterparts tough competition. The superheroes mentioned above would definitely fit this bill and raise the stakes for superhero films in the future.

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