FIFA Sees Vampire In Making—Luis Suarez Scares With His Biting Tale Again!

A week back, Suarez was our hero after vanquishing England in their World Cup Match. And zooming to today, he is a mush abused and hated fierce player known for biting more than playing. The fantastic soccer player from Uruguay has to face a FIFA hearing for biting Italian opponent Giorgio Chiellini. Minutes before his team won against Italy, Suarez went on to bite Chiellini on his left shoulder in the off ball moment.

And the damage was graver given that the referee did not view his whistle. Fans had been so angry that they screamed for Suarez been sent out with a red card. However, our vampire footballer is at ease and went on air saying that these happen in games and the momentum on the field is far too tense to keep track. Now now, dearie why can that mean? That biting is fair in football?? Then why not play with rodents and dogs?
In fact, the funny bit is Suarez has been such a great biter that he has been banned twice earlier for the same offence, the FIFA Committee says that a hearing is on cards and they are mulling tough action. Of this is true, Suarez could be out from the other World Cup matches. That is sad since Uruguay has now advanced into the next round. Fans have come out in support of the player by critics will now be hard to crack. Suarez had earned the epithet of Cannibal of Ajax in 2010.

While we love his moves on field, this is one player who is synonymous with rashness and controversies galore. We hope he is bitten back by the punishment and keeps his teeth under wraps.

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