Sajid Khan Needs To Get Lost—Why He Deserves Being a Flop Maker

While the entire world is already up in arms and tomatoes against Sajid Khan for delivering Humshakals, we give our take. Now besides blaming the director for the debacle and counting the profits the film is bagging despite being lame, there is much more to chew upon. Well, fans and non-fans have united in joking about the biggest joker in Bollywood.

However, here is why we believe Sajid Khan is gaining all the rotten eggs at once. Extremely rude and arrogantly over confident behavior—Have you seen the way he walks? And talks too? From his recent appearance on Comedy Nights With Kapil to even his interviews on Zoom, we feel that he carries an inflated ego with him. Who gives him the right?

Larger than the self — That is the attitude that puts celebs in trouble. Now despite Sajid Khan delivering Heyy Baby and Housefull, he did not have the right to oust Akshay Kumar. Well, we all know the story that stirred between Sajid Khan and Sajid Nadiawala. With Kumar being a Nadiawala loyalist, why would be tolerate Khan? However, Khan chose to pick his ego and dig a grave. Little did he do to make thing right and he delivered Himmatwala and now Humshakals.
Is he a man? Well, not doubting biologically, but in the current scenario his behavior is not even close to what one must be! Insulting your ex-girlfriend—also an actress—merely to save your skin against flops makes for meanness, not Manliness. Sajid did go on air smartly commenting that his holiday break with Jacqueline Fernandes made his Himmatwala go boom! But hey, whom were you holidaying with during Humshakals?

In short, Sajid go take a break forever. We don’t care. We are tired of your forced guffawing scripts and the blind, lame and crippled plots. Comedy can be brainless not brain dead.

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