Finally, oral sex is on menu for orthodox Jews

The time has finally come of orthodox Jews to breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to having oral sex. The Rabbis from the Rabbinical Council of California have certified a particular brand of lubricants aka lubes as kosher in an attempt to help those who favor oral sex! The innovation also happens to be the first one to be ever approved by a Rabbinical Council for the same purpose. The production of these kosher lubes also comes nearly 14 years after Rabbi Shmuley Boteach published the bestseller book on Kosher Sex.

Promotional photo of tubes of Wet kosher lubricant

Manufactured by a company called Trigg Laboratories in the US, these lubes come in eight flavors, all of which have been certified as kosher and have been religiously approved by the council. The certification took place after the council members visited the production plant and combed the entire 52000 foot area for ingredients which could have possibly come sources that are not allowed by the kosher rules.

The kosher lubes (named ‘Wet’) were the brainchild of an individual called Sean Smith who happens to be the president of Trigg Laboratories. And Smith is known to have developed the idea for a kosher lube after marrying an Israeli-Jewish woman and converting to Judaism.


The Need for Kosher Lubricants

But what’s so interesting about a kosher lubricant that has the entire Jewish community elated? It is a known fact that kosher rules are not applicable for products that are used for external bodily use. These include medical ointments, soaps, moisturizers, and even exfoliators, all of which can be used by Jews without worrying about their origins conforming to kosher rules.

The kosher rule actually applies to certain products that can be swallowed intentionally or unintentionally. But that doesn’t rule out a Jew from using a lip balm that has not been certified as kosher.

However, the god fearing Jew would most probably opt for kosher products in every walk of his life, including sex. And that’s where these Wet lubes come into the picture. Although, lubes were in existence and were used by Jews long before this certification, the use of these lubes were limited and not applicable for oral sex.

As of now, the Rabbinical Council of California that certified the Wet lubes, have not revealed which section of the Jewish population would benefit from this certification. And even though the lubes would come as a welcome nod for those who prefer their use, topics like oral sex and the use of lubes to support it is still considered taboo for some Jews.

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