Five deadliest weapons of mass destruction

Human being is the only species of the planet, which always remains at war with its own species. Since time immemorial, countless people have died in countless wars but we still seem to have failed in learning a lesson. Instead, with the tremendous advancement of science in 21st century, every country seems to be in a race to invent the deadliest weapons of all times and therefore, it resulted in the invention of different types of weapons of mass destruction. So, here is a list of some deadliest WMD which has the power to wipe off the entire human race within a day:


  • Biological weapons

Biological weapons consist of some virus or diseases that are caused to hit the target and kill people by infecting them with certain diseases. However, once released, it can become uncontrollable and can spread far beyond the target area and result in the deaths of millions of people in the form of some epidemic. Anthrax, plague, tularemia and Ebola are some of the infections that are used as biological weapons.

  • Chemical weapons

Chemical weapons constitute some deadly chemical products that can cause instant deaths in the area where it is released. However, like biological weapons, chemical weapons can also become uncontrollable once it is released into the atmosphere and keep on killing people unless it is cleaned off from the atmosphere, which is almost impossible with today’s technology. Mustard gas, lewisite and ricin are some dangerous chemical weapons that exist to today.


  • Fusion bomb

Fusion bomb is also known as hydrogen bomb which causes tremendous explosion by fusion reaction between hydrogen isotopes called deuterium and tritium. It was first developed in 1951 in the US by Edward Teller and Stanislaw Ulam. Although it needs a fission weapon for triggering the fusion reaction but it is the nuclear fusion that produces more than half of the energy. Since the design and the execution of a fusion bomb is a very difficult process, therefore only a handful of countries all around the world have been successful in detonating a fusion bomb so far.

Sectioned operational WE.177A at Old Sarum-3646px

  • Boosted Fission weapon

The fission bomb uses fusion reaction in order to yield more energy for causing severe damage to the target. This boosted fission bomb mainly utilizes the neutrons that are produced as a result of the fusion reaction for increasing the weapon’s efficiency in hitting the target and causing damage.

  • Neutron Bomb

Neutron bomb is a deadly weapon, which can cause severe radioactive contamination in the target area as the bomb is detonated with a severe blast of highly dangerous neutron radiation. It is mainly a salted bomb which is composed of gold or cobalt or any other suitable materials that has the power to contaminate the area with radioactive emission.

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