Five extreme sports meant only for the daredevils

Sport generally refers to an activity that involves competition and physical exertion and is relatively safe and simple. However, for some people, a sport is not a real sport unless it involves danger, life-threatening conditions, a little bit of blood, enormous amount of sweat and tears. These sports are categorized as extreme sports and you are not advised to even think about trying any of these unless you are a daredevil in true sense. So, here is a list of some extreme sports which will bring your heart to your mouth:

  • Base jumping

Base jumping involves jumping from the top of tall buildings, antennas, cliffs or bridges with a parachute tied on your back. This activity is truly dangerous because after hurling yourself freely from such an enormous height your life becomes fully dependent only on your parachute and the wind. If anything goes wrong, there is little chance that you will only end up injured because most of the time base jumpers end up dead due to a little malfunctioning.

heliskiing1 (1)

  • Heli-skiing

As if only skiing wasn’t dangerous enough, so someone invented the Heli-skiing. This extreme sport involves jumping from a helicopter onto snow-covered mountain slopes and skiing until the slope ends. This might sound adventurous but this sport has resulted in many deaths due to avalanches, helicopter crash and hostile weather conditions.

  • Cave diving

If your dream is to live your life on the edge then you can try cave diving. It involves diving into the underwater caves located far below the sea level. Unlike normal diving where you can easily come up on the surface for air, cave diving needs careful judgment in finding your way back to the surface because while inside the cave your body gets enclosed by the cave walls.


  • Wave Surfing

Wave surfing is another famous extreme sports that involves pure dangers. You can get drowned, hit your head hard against hidden rocks or pulled strongly by the underwater current while trying to surf out your way under the big wave. These sports are exciting to watch from a distance but trying it requires real courage.


  • Bull Riding

Bull riding is the most ridiculous sport that could ever be invented because there is practically no reason to ever ride a bull. This unusual sport involves straddling a very angry bull weighing almost 1800 pounds and which can easily throw you more than 10 feet high into the air and wait for you to land hard on the ground so that it can further trample you underneath its enormous weight. Bull riding often results in broken ribs, jaws or collarbone and in some cases this sport even ends up killing people.

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