Five Indian politicians that are ruling or have ruled from jail

There are so many tainted ministers and politicians that are housed in the famous (or infamous Tihar Jail) but still manage to live like kings.  From having all the necessary luxuries and comforts to their food needs being taken care of, these ministers are also privileged enough to have their political allies visit them in hordes so that they are still in control of things politically, so to speak.


  •  Ajay Chautala

Ajay Chautala, the son of Om Prakash Chautala, the former Chief Minister of Haryana  has demonstrated that jails are no bar for tainted politicians.  Chautala junior went further and proved this by addressing a rally from his current abode in Tihar Jail via his cell phone.  It is understood that this was feasible as a lot of technical arrangements were made prior to the rally.  The father and son are convicted on the charges of illegally recruiting teachers by amassing bribe in Haryana and both have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

  • Mohammad Shahabuddin

Mohammad Shahabuddin is another classic example of how imprisoned politicians continue to operate behind bars in India.  This ex-minister from Bihar has been convicted against 56 cases ranging from murder to kidnapping.  For him a prison is actually a luxurious confinement where he has access to all his needs that enable him to function as a politician.  Imprisoned in Siwan Jail he is said to have held durbars or congregations and was also instrumental in various postings and transfers of the state officials.

India Economic Summit 2008

  • Amar Singh

Amar Singh, another tainted politician has simply evaded jail rules from the very onset.  His whims and fancies see him being lodged in a separate cell along with an attached washroom.  On the contrary, he has two cell inmates that are responsible for cleaning his cell as the floor is mopped around five times a day with a disinfectant.  He is allowed phone calls and is also allowed to meet his political allies who keep coming in grounds on a daily basis.

  • Bibi Jagir Kaur

Bibi Jagir Kaur, the erstwhile Punjab minister, was imprisoned for having kidnapped and killing her own daughter.  Even though she was convicted on criminal grounds, she was permitted the leniency of flouting all the jail rules and laws. She continued to hold political power even though she was imprisoned, and a policeman touching her feet in reverence was one headline that illustrated this blatant truth.  She was given VVIP treatment and was transported around in AC vehicles, apart from conducting durbars or meetings within the prison with her political allies.


  • Mukhtar Ansari

Mukhtar Ansari a politician from Uttar Pradesh has been in jail since 2005 with the charges of getting his rival murdered, however, he is not brazen by all this as he expects to bounce back into politics after his release.  Behind bars, Ansari is confident of getting re-elected from jail.  Ansari is an example of the hard-core criminal politicians in India who keep getting voted back to power despite their criminal records. Ansari’s trials are never-ending and he has been accused of many other crimes such as kidnapping and firing at a police commissioner, which has been dismissed by the court.

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