Five most famous movie characters of all time

We bear their imprint in our soul and treasure the moments when we first watched them. They terrify us both with their courage and their wrath. Our favorite movie characters of all time live with us and die not on the screen but with us. It is very difficult to list the favorite characters of all time. Each individual has his/her own list of characters from the silver screen who have invaded their lives. We can forget our graduating marks but the dialogues our favorite characters utter never get omitted from our memory, that’s the magic movies create. Here you will find the top five movie characters that have become cult favorites and will hold their position in the coming years because they have conquered our hearts.


The Bride, Kill Bill (2003)

A former member of a powerful group of assassins, when ‘The Bride’ tried to start a new life, away from sins and crimes, for the sake of her new baby, she was beaten to death. She lost her baby and went into coma but came back to life for the sole purpose of revenge. The way she moves ahead, fearing nothing inspires us to get back on our feet and fight back. The beautiful Uma Thurman has done perfect justice with the screen portrayal of the character. What makes this character so memorable is that even though she is capable of killing a hundred single handedly, she is a mother at heart, seeking revenge for the death of her child.

Juno Mac Guff, Juno (2007)

She makes us nostalgic, she makes us vulnerable, yet she gives us the courage to evaluate the society we are living in at present. Juno is a teenager with a smart mouth and a sharp and sarcastic sense of humor. She becomes pregnant and decides to have the baby. She is scared yet she faces her circumstances with lots of guts.


Katniss Everdeen, Hunger Games

Katniss is the complete antithesis of the weak and vulnerable teen heroine who needs a tough werewolf or vampire by her side for protection. She knows how to fight and stands up for the weak and vulnerable herself.

Dr. Hannibal Lecter, Silence of the Lambs

He is a sinister serial killer who kills for food. Dr. Lecter is cannibalistic and eats his victims. He is both unforgettable and nightmarish.


The Joker, The Dark Knight

The ultimate super villain, the Joker not only attempts to kill humans but challenges humanity. He doesn’t win, but the questions he raises remain with us throughout our lives, taunting and haunting us.

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