Five Most Famous Political Sex Scandals of All Times

Politicians have a hard life. They are leaders whom the countrymen look up to and they are supposed to have high ideals. The secret things they love to do get spilled in public sometimes and make headlines for weeks. This is their tragedy. Everyone does it, at least most of them do, yet if you are a political figure of eminence then dirt will be thrown at you and you will be remembered only for your misdeed. Well, they should have considered these points before they joined the political bandwagon and came into limelight. This article lists some of the worst political scandals that will give you an insight on the politicians’ inner-life.


John Ensign’s Affair with Campaign Staffer:

John Ensign, a former senator of Nevada, got involved with his campaign staffer Cindy Hampton. Her husband used to work in Ensign’s office. He wrote a long letter, accusing the senator for pursuing his wife wildly and ruining both of their careers, to the Fox News. Later on June 16, 2009, the former senator himself acknowledged that he had an affair with Cindy.

Moshe Katsav’s Sexual Escapades:

The former Israeli president had to step down from his power position after a host of women lodged complain against him that he had sexually harassed and raped them. Ironically it was the president who started the investigation against one of his female employees by complaining to the Attorney General that she was blackmailing him. Probably he thought that being president will give him some leverage but the tables got turned.

Mark Foley

Mark Foley’s affair with young page boys:

In the year 2006, Senator Mark Foley’s political career got demolished when news about his lewd text messages to minor page boys became public. There was a dearth of evidence and criminal charges could not be filed but the bad publicity he got was sufficient to destroy his political career.

Gary Hart and Donna Rice Affair:

He was the favorite of Democrats for the presidential post in the year of 1987. He had a shining bright political career ahead of him. He was the shooting star of American politics whose career died before it could take off properly. Rumors spread about his extramarital affair with a mystery lady and Gary went ahead to challenge the press that they should follow him around to prove their point. The paparazzi did follow him and found out that he was truly having an affair. They also published a picture where Donna is sitting on his lap.


Bill Clinton and the Blow Job:

Beautiful intern and handsome president became involved and word got spread. Monica Lewinsky confessed about her affair with Clinton to many of her female friends and colleagues. One of them, Linda Tripp had kept a voice record of what she had to say and that ruined Clinton’s political career completely. He had to leave his position as president in shame.

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