Five most popular sports around the world

Sports are an important part of almost every individual’s life. With technological advancements, the global sport scenes have successfully reached almost every household. Some of these sports that remained insignificant to people for a long time have also become popular worldwide. Based on this liking by the people, certain sports have taken up the top spots when it comes to global popularity. Check out which of these sports grab the top positions for being famous worldwide.

  • Soccer: Football or soccer is one such team game that is likable in almost any country around the world. Its huge popularity might be due to the sport being quite simple and easily learnable at the amateur level. The basics of soccer are comparatively easier to understand and the game does not require several equipment. It is the hot favorite among kids, who love to practice it from their childhood days. At a professional level, the sport returns highly in terms of financial rewards. There are whopping sums of prize money paid at global-level soccer tournaments. No doubt, it is the most followed sport across the globe.

M.C.C. Universities Challenge Final  DURHAM M.C.C.U. v. CARDIFF M.C.C.U.

  • Cricket: Though there are huge fans of cricket all around the world, but in terms of the highest numbers, the credit goes to the Indian subcontinent where the game is followed as devotion to some God. Cricket has a very interesting pattern of play, and thus, its popularity is also increasing day-by-day in non-playing nations. On one hand, there are test matches that last for as long as five days, while on the other hand, there are 50-over and 20-20 patterns that are quicker. This newly introduced 20-20 pattern has made people crazier than ever before about the sport.
  • Field Hockey: Another team sport in line is field hockey where the hits and flicks greatly attract people globally. This sport is played in more than 100 countries that are also members of the International Hockey Federation. The matches last for a duration of an hour and 15 minutes at the professional level. It is also a very popular sport at Olympics where people like to watch the packed action in a short.


  • Tennis: It is among the most-watched individual sports that can either be played between two individuals or between two teams with each having one pair of players. Lawn tennis is also among highly paying games and is famous between both genders. Endurance and strength of the players is the key to this sport.
  • Volleyball: This team sport is also quite famous around the world among both men and women. Two volleyball teams with six players each compete against each other in a single professional match. Since the game can be played indoors, as well as outdoors, it might have gained so much popularity because of its variants.

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