Five most ruthless civilizations of the world

We already know the fact that organized living transformed into society and from society and necessity, civilizations came into existence. The ways in which some civilizations have acted challenge our faith in the human created society and its motives. History has witnessed civilizations that rose to power only to destruct and demolish. The World Wars are examples of exactly how aggressive and self-centered the human civilizations can be. We cannot deny the fact that humans evolved from animals. A part of us is solely driven by instincts and animalistic tendencies. Following are some civilizations that crossed the lines drawn by humanity and went back to their animal roots.


The Celts

Can you think about decorating your home and vehicle with the cut heads of people who made you angry? Well, that’s exactly what the Celts used to do. They were superb head hunters and enjoyed decorating their home-fronts and chariots with the heads of their victims. For them the heads of their enemies were prized trophies that they did not want to part with. They anointed the heads with cedar oil so they stay fresh for longer. The Celts loved to fight without clothes, stark naked and sang victory songs after they have won a battle.

The Maori Civilization

They settled down in New Zealand before the Europeans set foot there. They were cannibalistic people who would not allow any trespassers in their land to roam freely. They also had a philosophy behind the flesh eating tendencies. They believed that they will acquire the fighting skills and powers of the enemies they ate. After every war they would eat the enemies they conquered. The most horrifying incident occurred in 1809 when a ship full of European convicts approached the New Zealand shores. 66 convicts were captured by the Maoris and taken ashore to be eaten alive or dead.


The Roman Empire

They were powerful and civilized but they relished the pain of others. They made slaves and gladiators fight with each other until one of them dies. Death matches between war prisoners, criminals or slaves and lions were a thing of great entertainment. They burnt many Christians and fed them to wolves alive.


Nazi Germany

Over 4 million people were killed in the most planned and unthinkable manner under the rule of the Nazis in Germany. They were racist and power-crazy people who destroyed millions of people mindlessly.

The Aztecs

They lived in ancient Mexico. They were great warriors but also ruthless and almost demonical killers. They used to sacrifice 20,000 people to the sun gods altar annually. Children were killed to impress the rain gods.

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