Richest politicians that Indian parliament ever had

Everything does not go by rules and everything is not as it should be. Politics is definitely not a money fetching career. However, politicians have changed the real justification of their role and used their power to overpower the common people. India has witnessed lots of scandals and corruption among politicians. Most of them have cheated the public and become rich themselves, hoarding money and weakening the economy of the country. Some politicians have earned money in other fields but joined politics for either time-pass or further fame. Politics has also become the short cut for solving their personal problems. There are not even a handful of politicians who are truly working for the sake of public profit or welfare. Most of the richest Indian politicians are just rich in bank balance but not in human qualities.

Mahendra Prasad

Mahendra Prasad belongs to the United Janata Dal. He is a member of the Indian parliament and the representative of his state, Bihar. At present Mr. Prasad is the most affluent and rich Indian politician. It has been estimated that he is the sole owner of net property worth Rs.692 crore in Indian rupee. The moveable assets he posses is worth RS. 664 crore. The source of his income has not been found yet but the staggering amount of money he has gathered points out that politics is all about profit.


Vijay Mallya

Now this politician’s money is well accounted for despite of his shady business ethics. Mr. Mallya has achieved a place in the parliament for the second time. He is an industrialist who deals in liquor and aviation industries. He is the owner of Rs 615 crore. He got elected from Karnataka without any party backing.


Jaya Bachchan

She got elected to the Rajya Sabha as the candidate representing the Samajwadi Party. Jaya Bachchan is a talented actress and the wife of the Indian film legend, Amitav Bachchan. She is the owner of immovable properties worth Rs. 144 crore and her total assets is estimated to be near Rs. 484 crore.


Jaganmohan Reddy        

He represents the Kadapa constituency at the parliament. Jagan Mohan Reddy was formerly involved with Indian National Congress. He is the owner of movable and immovable assets worth Rs 446 crore. CBI has arrested him on charges of corruption and embezzlement.

Subbarami Reddy

Another political tycoon, Subbarami Reddy has net property worth Rs 258 crore. He represents Andhra Pradesh in the Rajya Sabha.

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