Five politicians who own biggest fortunes in world

There are several politicians in the world who own large treasures and the fact distinguishes them from some others. Some enter the lucrative field of politics in the hope that they would earn a lot out of it, while others already possess huge sums of money before they enter politics. Whatever the history is, the present situation is that they possess great fortunes due to their efforts in politics and their involvement in several businesses, as well as from other sources of income they may have. Let’s have a look at some of these richest politicians across the globe, and of course, the fortunes they have gained.


  • Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz: This reputed king rules the Saudi Arabian kingdom whose net worth is nearly $21 billion. He tops almost all the charts of the wealthiest politicians with his large spread oil reserves. The ownership of these reserves hugely adds to his overall income. Since 2005 when he became the king, he has been involved in the economic development of various cities and has started many welfare programs for citizens.
  • Hassan Al Bolkiah: This Sultan of Brunei owns fortunes as large as $20 billion. Heading the state since 1967, Sultan Bolkiah has been living a lavish lifestyle in a wonderful palace. The major business that is contributing to his wealth is of the oil and gas industry, while he also has a large collection of          autos that includes around 7,000 cars and more being added.


  • Michael Bloomberg: He is the mayor of the New York City doing his third term. Bloomberg is one of the most reputed and influential politicians in the U.S. Holding the MBA degree from Harvard University, he is the founder and owner of a financial news and information company called Bloomberg LP that is contributing to his net worth of over $19 billion.


  • Sonia Gandhi: She is the President of the ruling national political party, Indian National Congress in India. Originally, from Italy, Sonia Gandhi is the widow of the former Indian Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. As leader of her party, she has richly contributed to its power and fortune. Her net worth is estimated to be nearly $19.2 billion that also makes her the richest female politician in the world.


  • Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan: In United Arab Emirates, he is one of the most influential personalities. He is the President (and emir) of Abu Dhabi. Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan has a net worth of a little below $19 billion. He controls around 97.8 billion reserves of oil. Sheikh Khalifa’s major source of earning is his sovereign wealth fund, the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority, which is the world’s biggest too.

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