5 Best celebrity wedding hairstyles

Celebrity Wedding Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstyles have always been popular with women all across the globe. Rightly so, because celebrities are seen in number of red carpet events, where they have formal hairdos, neatly and very elegantly done. Wedding is the most special occasion in one???s life and every bride wants to re-define the title of a beautiful bride with the perfect make-up, clothes and most primarily hair style. The celebrity hair-do is what every bride dreams of. You would definitely want to steal some hair-dos from your favorite celebrity to create the magnum opus like your style icon did. Here are some of the best celebrity hairstyles to make you a dream bride.

1. Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding Hairstyle

Kate Middleton???s Royal Wedding Hairstyle

The beautiful Duchess of Cambridge- Kate Middleton, indeed lived up-to the expectations of millions, when she stepped out as a gorgeous fairy tale Princess bride on her wedding. With her impeccable style and elegance Kate Middleton won million hearts. Her overall look was royal, sophisticated and elegant. Her hairstyle for her wedding was subtle yet confident and added the dash of royalty on her face. The hairdo was simply side parted, and was curled from the end of the roots to create maximum curls towards the end. Then small section from both the sides were twisted and pinned on both the sides to create the Kate Middleton Signature look. Try this hairstyle on your wedding day as it is simple, easy to make yet elegant to fetch you loads of compliments for being a beautiful bride.

2. Beyonce???s Side Swept Ponytail

Beyonce Knowles Hairstyles

There were lots of celebrities with fabulous hairstyles in MTV Video Music Awards this year, but the one that caught everyone???s attention and appreciation was Beyonce???s side swept elegantly done hair into a ponytail. Contrary to her rockstar image, Beyonce carried the side swept with lots of grace and elegance. The hair was simply side parted and swept on the side, falling on the shoulder and pinned at the back for the support. The glamorous hairstyle is best suitable for all brides, who are indecisive, whether to wear their hair up or down. For the pop diva, we are not very sure, what made her shine the brightest, her beautifully done hair or the expected motherhood.

3. Kate Moss’ Wedding Hairstyle

Kate Moss

Kate Moss made a beautiful bride with a combination of vintage and modern look. Her hair was middle parted, the signature Kate Moss style trendy and spunky loose waves. The hair carried a tousled and unkempt look with the hair pulled in the end to create the perfect beach waves. The middle parting added to the softness of the face and the hair touching the forehead on the sides translated into a romantic look. However, this modern hairstyle was topped with a vintage veil to create a perfect combination of contemporary yet classic look. All the contemporary brides can have this hairstyle for their big day as it is easy to make and looks modish and stylish. Perfect for mid-length and long hair brides, who just love the beach waves as much as they love Kate Moss.

4. Anne Hathaway???s Loose Waves

Anne Hathaway's Loose Waves

It’s time for fall weddings now, and the beach waves, tousled hair is almost over. The rustic, intense and nostalgic feeling of autumn brings the warmth and fall weddings are formal and elegant. The side-parted, neat and elegant hair style with loose waves of Anne Hathaway for the London premiere of her new flick One Day Caught My Eye, was a real head turner. Ideal for an elegant barn wedding, the simple yet classic side parted look will surely make the bride stunning, giving her an exclusive, classy look.

5. Chelsea Kane???s Faux Updo

Chelsea Kane's Faux Updo

When the 23-year-old American actor and singer arrived at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, the chin length bob hair was in a completely new avatar with a fancy hairdo. It couldn???t be discovered how her hair was tricked into the fancy updo with her super short hair, since there were not pictures from the back. But, one thing was sure that the crowning glory of this Disney star was teased, pulled backed, pinned at the back and sprayed a lot. The hairdo is sleek and neat with the right dash of glamour for a bridal hairdo. Whatever the trick might be, the hairdo looked very elegant and graceful. The hair do will completely change the short hair the look in a more stylish one in sync with the formal occasion. So, all you brides out there who are worried that their short hair will look messy with a truck load of pins, can be assured now. Try Chelsea Kane???s hairstyle to create the picture perfect, classic bridal look even in the short hair.

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