Food Critic serves new book ‘Garlic and Sapphires’

ruth rechel
Gracious Goodness! A food editor is no less than a CBI Agent; the only difference is between the words “crime committed” and “flaw committed”. Hats off to Ruth Reichl, who is a food critic working with NewYork Times, who takes endless pains to herself in order to expose the flaws in cooking to the flaws in service in a restaurant. I admire the hard work and tact undertaken by Ruth and the food critics in New York who hold the strings of every restaurant.

These adventures are penned down by Ruth herself in a book called as Garlic and Sapphires and as per as a review of her book I agree that she loses her focus when she pens the past restaurant reviews. As per the review:

Nothing ages more quickly than a restaurant review and here they end up looking like little more than filler to a high-protein text that really does not need it. There is enough deliciousness on every page, without what can only ever end up tasting like leftovers.

The review speaks that she could have added charm to the review by being out and out food adventurer rather than being an imperfect balance between recipes and reviews.

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