Food Moguls cook-up healthy ads, but consumers dine only on flavors

tony the tiger 7McDonalds, Campbell Soup, Coca-Cola along with ten other major food and beverage manufacturers are reported to have declared a voluntary restriction on child-oriented advertising of food products, by promoting healthy products in their commercials.

Facts provided in the report points out that the food chains do not intend to change the overall promotion of sugary cereals or fatty French fries, but would definitely promote only health foods with a message in the space for ads aired during the school-hour shows.

Nevertheless there are strings attached to the attempt on the part of Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative. Therefore, nutritional advocates with their usual criticisms have to realize the fact that fast food companies cannot turn to puritanical as far as nutrition is concerned and the main reason behind this are consumers.

Consumers have developed an attitude towards fast foods and their flavors, in order to make them eat the best, no legislation can work. The Children’s Food and Beverage Advertising Initiative have to be smart with food they serve by the way of making the fast food appear as a fast food, but changing the contents inside the package to give health and flavor.

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