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It is no secret that the trend towards veganism has been growing in leaps and bounds, especially among millennials. Former presidents and A-list celebrities alike discuss the advantages of a plant-based diet, as veganism is not only a healthy eating trend but a complete lifestyle in itself. It is not only healthy to eat vegan, but it is chic, and it is becoming rare to find trendy eateries that do not have vegan or gluten-free offerings on the menu. When you are entertaining, it is important to keep in mind that you may have guests who have dietary restrictions or strict followers of vegetarianism and hence, you need to prepare accordingly.
Always be prepared


People don’t always notify their hosts of their dietary restrictions ahead of time. This may be due to bashfulness or not wanting the host to go through any special trouble to make dishes geared specifically for them. However, it is undoubtedly awkward for both the host and guest if there is nothing on the table that the guest feels that he or she can eat. That is why it is important that when you are hosting a dinner party or serving cocktails with food to make sure you have not only non-vegetarian but vegan options available as well.

Vegan foods at barbecues

Barbecues may seem the most un-vegan type of event imaginable, but summer wouldn’t be summer without some grilling in the yard or at the poolside. Make some scrumptious salads to go with hamburgers or steaks for meat eaters, and dishes that vegans eat as a main dish. Provide plenty of dips and salads with some familiar favorites such as potato salad.

You can create a creamy vegan potato salad with Just Mayo from Hampton Creek. This mayonnaise substitute spreads on smoothly just like regular mayonnaise and has all the taste you would expect from mayo but without the eggs. Provide egg and dairy-free creamy ranch dressing for salads and dips from Hampton Creek. Your vegan friends can enjoy grilled food with shish kebabs that contain slices of onion pepper and mushrooms. Create imitation steak with grilled Portobello mushrooms and put corn on the cob on the grill as a tasty side dish.

Go south of the border

Mexican food

Mexican food is a favorite among vegans for good reason; the cuisine is fairly easy to prepare without cheese or meat. You can make bean burritos with pintos and vegetables topped with guacamole and salsa. If you like the taste of traditional tacos, consider using ground soy beef and imitation cheese along with lettuce, tomato and salsa. Rice and beans are favorite south of the border and you can spice them up with hot peppers, including chipotle. The popularity of legumes and vegetables in Mexican food makes it feasible to create a fiesta for your meat-eating and vegan friends together.

A piece of the Middle East

In the Middle East, meat is considered a luxury and is the highlight of a meal, but not necessarily the basis of it. Dairy is used sparingly in the Middle East and is mainly put on porridges for breakfast. Legumes, rice, bulgur wheat and vegetables are popular in Middle Eastern cuisine. It is common practice to prepare a lot of small salads and soups, many of which can be eaten by vegans. Add some Middle Eastern spice to your next event, and give your vegan friends plenty of things to eat with tempting tabouli salad made of bulgur wheat as well as hummus, which is a vegan favorite.

Make side dishes your main dishes

Good service

Many restaurants are aiming to attract vegan customers without having to remake their entire menu from scratch. One strategy is to create main dishes from side dishes by offering larger portions. You can take a page out of your favorite restaurant’s book and try innovating for vegan guests. Add a few more ingredients to a favorite soup to make it into a stew and serve it over rice for a filling main dish. Make au gratin potatoes as your main dish and serve some slices of ham on the side. Your vegan and vegetarian guests can enjoy the au gratin potatoes that you made with soy cheese.

The vegan eating trend has posed new challenges to those who like to entertain. Fortunately, many dishes from around the world are appropriate for those who prefer plant-based foods. Incorporate these items in the menu for your next event so all of your guests can enjoy a delicious evening or afternoon out.

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