Freakish animal rampages in India

The age-old conflict between man and animal kingdom has never faded into obscurity. Blood curdling encounters of man and wild beasts have been witnessed many a times . But have we ever paid heed as to why a calm animal would end up becoming a horrendous beast? As man has intruded into the natural habitat of these animals, they are left with no option other than to rampage the villages and cities near the forests and the wildlife sanctuaries. Few of these freakish animal rampages have been listed below.

Mysore: Elephants Rampage

The lovely city of Mysore got terror struck when two elephants barged in and killed a 55 year old man and two cows. One roamed around a girl’s campus while the other one was on the streets, busy causing mayhem. The elephants entered in search of food and due to the noise and chaos began the rampage. They were later caught by the villager’s and left loose in the forest.

Guwahati: Leopard goes berserk

A leopard goes berserk when he enters the city with his razor sharp teeth and paws, ready to pounce on anything. This big cat attacked a layer, injured four others and managed to rip off the skull of a man. Villagers and poachers shot this heavy feline with a tranquilizer after which it was let loose in the wildlife park, 100 km away from the city. The leopard had entered the village in search of food.

Uttar Pradesh: Attack of striped feline

A menace was created by a tiger in Uttar Pradesh, injuring around six people. After the tiger attack, locals rushed to the fields to find the tiger. The tiger managed to attack four more people, all at once in the process. Taking away the natural habitat of these animals has led them to cause destruction in human habitat.

North Bengal: Bison’s horned attacks

Eight people were brutally killed in the bison attack, after three of them entered Jalpaiguri district in North Bengal. One of the victims to this incredible horned animal was an 8 year old boy. Two of them were driven away by the villagers and the third bison had to be tranquilized and set free in the nearby forest.

Melghat village: The hairy beast kills

There were four men who were brutally murdered by the hairy beast, the sloth bear in Jarida village. The four men came to work in this village and little did they know that their first day of work would end up being last. Abhishek Wakode, the forest guard who had a tragic death took along with him, teacher R B Dhakate, Satish Jawarkar and Sattu Parate.

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