George Clooney Picks Brad Pitt– Has The Best Of Both—Man And Wife

George Clooney has confirmed walking down the aisle with fiancé Amal Almauddin. Now the big buzz is that Brad Pitt has bagged the honors of being his best man. And no less than Clooney’s Aunt Sarah has confirmed the news. This has lead to fans rejoicing at the eye candy that could be present at the Clooney nuptials. Lauren Maloney ‏@LaurenKMaloney tweets, “I just read that Brad Pitt will most likely be George Clooney’s best man. Does the wedding photographer even have to try?”

The amazing fashion that can dominate the wedding is already clear to us. Ryan Hall ‏@therealryanhall tweets, “Clooney is probably gonna have Brad Pitt as his best man. It doesn’t get much cooler than that.” Initially there had been news that Matt Damon was set to be Best Man but now the news of Pitt’s bestmanship is official. Before this, the tweets read like this. Jesse Lozano ‏@boytoyjesse tweeted, “Good thing George Clooney picked Matt Damon as his best man. NO ONE wants to stand shoulder to shoulder with Brad Pitt on picture day right?”

The hotness factor that could burn the aisle is evident now. Paula ‏@paulajoelle tweets, “My mom is so excited because “George Clooney is getting married and he chose Brad Pitt as his best man! They are the hottest hunks”

In fact, fans seem to envy the wow luck Amal will be having on her D-Day. As it s thanks to her beauty and brains, she is envy-worthy. Now Brad Pitt to accompany her hubby is something that could make for more beautiful memories. Mix FM Lebanon ‏@Mixfmlebanon tweets, “Brad Pitt will be George Clooney’s best man at his wedding. Lucky bride..” We are keeping fingers corssed for the Venetian wedding.

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