Ghosts in Shimla

The other day I left my ofice early to get some notebooks and entered a book shop near the Municipal Corporation Building. Just then mine eyes struck a book on the shelf”Ghost stories of Shimla Hills by Minakshi Chaudhry.
It didn’t take me more than 1.30 hours in my home to read almost all the stories, but by then the shivering in the spine had almost started.

It took me few moments and a glass of milk to calm down.

But without fire the smoke doesn’t come up, so is there some truth in these stories?

Minakshi, who was earlier in Indian Express has collected about 14-15 stories, and the most spine chilling seems to be”The Sanjauli Fruit Seller”.
A few lines…..
“”””oranges, sweet oranges…he voice had come from the rain shelter.
Are you selling oranges in the dead of night?
Its a releif to see you. I will take a dozen.
How much for these oranges?
The the buyer saw the seller’s hands lying lifeless on both sides of the tokra….blackish and hairy…..turned inwards.
He stumbled backwards, picked himself up and ran away from the shelter.””””

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