Google Stats Reveal Modi as Next Leader–Does the Mass Accept It?

The latest buzz that created much brouhaha on the World Wide Web is that Narendra Modi is the most searched leader on Search Engine Giant Google, the records quashing even those of Barrack Obama, the US President held before. The news went viral with a message on WhatsApp which read, “Narendra Modi has broken the record for the most searched person on Google. Modi entered the record book after his name received maximum number of search on Google in a day.


Around 100 crore people searched the keyword Narendra Modi on search engine giant Google. Earlier this record was named after US President Barack Obama. During the US Presidential elections, Barack Obama received 98.77 lac number of search in a single day”.

However, the credibility of the statement as well as the authenticity of the records comes under speculation looking into the source of the “reports” which states unnamed, a highly dubious matter according to journalistic overtures, thus pointing it to be the work of a party insider trying to create a sensational propaganda through a fabricated, exaggerated report.


Does Modi Appeal to the Masses?

Now dwelling on the fact whether the mass will accept Modi as the leader of future India is a matter of contention as well.  It goes without doubt that Modi’s approach and orating power does have tremendous potential to attract mass appeal. With the Prime Ministerial elections round the corner Modi is leaving no stones unturned to hold rally in different parts of the country and address the masses.

The rally recently held in a remote town lying in close proximity to India and Nepal borders saw as many as 50,000 people gathering to listen to the 63 year old minister inveigh the government and carry out his tirades against the rule of other dominant ruling parties thereby eliciting dreams of a better and brighter future.  In spite of being blasted for the Patna blast during one of his rallies where six people died and which was considered a work of the Mujahideen group to avenge the massacre of 2002, Modi continues to say that he will eradicate terrorism from the face of the nation. With Modi stepping into the Tamil Nadu soil another aspect of politics comes to the forefront- that of a probable alliance between Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the Prime Ministerial Candidate.

While millions look up to Modi as the right Prime Minister of India showing the beacon light of prosperity and corruption-less society many still abhor his explicit anti-Islamic attitude. If Modi can come out in the forefront of the mass and proclaim the need for the Hindus and Muslims of the country to come together embracing a bond of love and understanding as an imperative step to attain prosperity he can truly rise to greater heights of popularity than he can even imagine.


To Conclude

Coming back to the point where the discussion started, the recent records of Google Trends did show the minister to be among the highest number of searches on the day he was declared a nominee for Prime Ministerial elections. However, his was not among the topmost trends which had other entertainment stories and shows overriding the searches for Modi.

On the political front, whether people will accept Modi, a man who rose from humble origins to strike the right chord with millions of Indians or will crown Gandhi scion with the honorary title of the country’s leader is something which only time can tell.

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