Got a business idea? Here is why starting a business in India can be a nice idea

Mushroom farming

When it comes to a business start-up, it is natural that an investor would not only focus on the business idea, but also choose a market that is good to invest in. Many Asian countries are the best for a new venture. In that list one such name that comes at the top is India.

In comparison to any other Asian Country, starting a business in India is a lot faster. On an average, it takes close to 24 days for a business to start in India. If you compare this time with any other country, you will find that on an average, a person can end up saving close to a week. While it takes37 days in Bangladesh, 50 in Sri Lanka, and 62 days in Bhutan, India is a lot faster and cheaper. The per capita income costs are close to 21 % in India – again that is low in comparison to any Asian country.

No doubt, to start a business there are many procedures that has to be followed. Nevertheless, that is not such a big deal considering the other benefits that comes along with it.

Cities ideal for starting a business in India


Even the cities in India play a vital role for a business startup. Bombay ranks number one in the list, considering it is the main hub and a gateway to India. Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata follow respectively in the same order.

These statistics are not only based on the whole business idea aspect, but also considers the other variables such as crime rates, investor perceptions, currency volatility, quality of the infrastructure, and even the macroeconomic policy.

Mumbai, Bangalore, and Delhi are known to be cities with higher end costs while the others have their own pros and cons. Even the labor laws here are pretty stringent keeping in mind the well being of the working class people.

Some of the top ideas you can consider for starting a business in India

If you are wondering what kind of setup will prosper in India, we can make it easy for you.  For a business to be successful, the business idea plays a vital role. Based on the market analysis, local resources and requirements, overall demands and various other criteria, we have complied a list of ideas that you can consider if you are planning to open a business in India.

Bee keeping and honey business in India


This business idea is ideal when you are looking for an option that does not require too much of investment. The demand for organic honey worldwide is increasing as people are becoming more aware about its health benefits. Even the bi-products like wax are equally in demand. Keeping all these factors in mind, you can start a bee keeping business. The few things that you would need to keep in mind would include close supervision and daily monitoring.

Fish farming business idea

For an all year round money making option, the commercial farming of fish is a great business idea. With this venture, you can make money all year round due to the demands of fish and seafood. For this start up idea, you can even use the modern techniques and equipments to enhance your profit. Even in India, there is a lot of demand for fish farming and seafood.

Mushroom farming

Mushroom farming

Another great business idea for a startup in India is mushroom farming. This does not require too much of investment for the startup, but it does require a little bit of knowledge in technology and science. Within a few weeks after you start your mushroom farming, you will see some good returns.

Sugarcane farming and business opportunities India

Known to be the important crop in India that can give you a lot of cash benefits, there are various reasons why sugarcane is used. Apart from the fact that you have the benefit of processing it for refined sugar, local sugar, brown sugar etc, and the fibers of the plant is used by the paper industry. So, with sugarcane farming as your main business, you will always remain in profit.

Poultry farming business in India


If you look at the boiler industry of poultry farming, the annual growth rate is close to 12-15%, while the egg sector is around 8-10%. In the farming and agriculture sector, poultry farming is equally in demand and is one of the fastest and best business ideas you can consider.

Garment manufacturing

Over the years, the locals of the country have indeed become fashion conscious and have adopted the latest global trends with a lot of grace. An industry that is worth billions of dollars, getting into garment manufacturing is not only a safe take but a profitable one too. If you have the brains and the eye to market your fashion line, then there is no way you can go wrong with this business idea.



No matter where you go, thisbusiness idea will never be a flop. Indians love to eat food and if you want to bring in a new taste in the country, you can surely do so with your restaurant. The only catch here is that you have to make sure that you follow and respect the religious sentiments of the people in the country. Hallal meat and no beef are the two main things you would need to keep in mind. Whether it is local delicacies or flavors from across the world, you can be sure that this idea of yours will always work out. Just remember to choose a location and city that can catch a good crowd.

Conclusion on starting a business in India

For a person to succeed, all you need is the right business ideaand the right market to start with. India provides you a good base to start, considering that there are so many positive aspects of the country. Starting a new venture here is like working in a market that is still fresh. The business opportunities Indiahere are not only in demand locally, but even worldwide. The low cost in labor, better facilities and services as well as faster business implementation and operation – all add to the overall benefit of starting a business in India.

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