Happiness of Qatar’s youth decoded

Located in the middle of an otherwise unstable Arabian Gulf region is a tiny country that has managed to give a deaf ear to several civil wars, political coups and anti government protests in the surrounding countries, and has risen to become the wealthiest as well as one of the most stable countries in the entire world.


We are talking about the constitutional monarchy of Qatar which has for the past 150 years, been governed by the same family. And the country came into the spotlight recently when its then leader, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al Thani decided to hand over his power and the kingdom’s future to his son. The reason for the move? His belief in the power of young leaderships that can help the country move forward efficiently.

Not that the youth of Qatar are complaining about it though! For in a country which offers everything from wealth, education, prosperity, innovation and opportunities galore, there is literally anything one can think of as a possible hindrance to the country’s overall development.

Home to one of the biggest (third largest in fact) natural gas reserves on the planet, Qatar is adjudged to be the richest country on earth. But that doesn’t stop the government and its people from moving forward in their goals rather than sitting content with the wealth that they have in hand. No! Qatar’s youths are more focused on realizing their creative goals, and creating opportunities for others in the nation to follow suit. And this is largely facilitated by a supportive arm extended by the government.

The country’s inhabitants also seem very satisfied with the rate that Qatar is developing (although slower than neighboring nations). But when compared to the Qataris who had limited opportunities in their day, the nations’ youth have plenty of government aided benefits today, ranging from free education and sponsorship programs to funding for higher education for talented candidates.

Reports suggest that in the span of 20 years from 1991-2011, the number of Qataris enrolled in secondary schools across the nation has risen to 91 percent (from 69 percent). And though the post-secondary enrollment is only 12 percent, more and more Qataris are beginning to opt for higher education in order to avail the numerous benefits offered by the government for the same.


The Qatar government has facilitated several employment benefits for creative and opportunistic individuals in the last few years, bringing down the unemployment rate to below 1 percent. It is also possible for a college graduate in the country to land a job that could easily earn him anywhere between $60,000 and $80,000 without the need for any kind of experience whatsoever! The government’s initiatives to distribute its wealth equally among all sectors has also paved the way for ordinary individuals to enjoy an equal share of the income and opportunities.


Another factor that helps Qatar’s youth remain satisfied and content is the nations’ demographics which makes it easier for the common individual to communicate with higher officials in the government, thereby making it easier for issues and concerns to be heard quickly and dealt with effectively. The same goes for the non-native Qataris who along with the natives, make up a population of 2 million – one that does not have any qualms about addressing the nations’ governing body (albeit certain issues).

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