How Can The Immigration Authority Help You With Visa Refusal?


Canada is a country which is quite strict when it comes to its immigration policies. You can be denied a visa based on grounds you never knew existed. You need to take extra measures to get your way through in case you are denied a visa. Once you know precisely why you are not being given your visa, you can then hire an immigration attorney to guide you through the process.

The officials will grant you a letter stating the reason why they decided to cancel your visa in the first place. Go through that letter carefully and find out the exact reason for your denial.

Below are listed a few reasons why Canada can refuse to grant you an immigrant visa, and what good immigration lawyer services can do in order to help you out:

Immigration Attorney:

Immigration-AuthorityThe responsibility of an immigration attorney is to help you get a visa if you are being denied one. Based on what the reason of your visa refusal is, they help you ensure that you undergo a series of required documentation and formalities so that you get through it and attain your visa as soon as possible.

Threat to the state:

Some people don’t have a criminal history but are a threat to the state in the eyes of the government. This may happen if somebody is not on good terms with most people in society or is suspicious of something.

Such a person has no legal proof against them of their activities because which they have a clean record. But if these activities, be they true or not, reach the officials and they doubt it, they are bound to deny you your visa, or even confiscate your passport.

Your immigration attorney can file your legal documents and plead for you on your behalf, in case this happens to you.

Criminal record:


In case you have a past criminal record, this may get in the way of your visa processing. Take care that you come clean with all your records and don’t keep anything from the officials.

In such a situation, your immigration attorney will prepare all the required documents abiding all rules and regulations speaking of your criminal history. You may even be required to be present at the legal institutions as long as your visa is under process, but your attorney will always have your back.

One of the most important immigration lawyer responsibilities is to ensure that their client gets what they want, in spite of a criminal record.The visa process for a person with a criminal record is definitely tough; but with an attorney by your side, it will be done sooner than you can fathom.

Incomplete documentation:

If you are documents are incomplete, or there are some missing ones, you are entitled to be denied your visa. This is, perhaps, the most obvious reason for visa denial.

Before getting yourself on the track, make sure you have all required documents with you for your visa application.

In case such an issue arises, your immigration lawyer services are expected to guide you through the required process of getting the rightful documents verified and submitted so that the denial is lifted. Take care to not be so careless so as to allow this situation to occur.

Pending finances:


If you are entitled to pay your fees or any other expense which are due, the officials will never grant you a visa. In such a case, even immigration lawyer responsibilities won’t help you.

In case there are pending payments or loans which need to be cleared, you must do them as soon as possible so that your visa process is completed without any hiccups.

The only way out in this situation is that you pay off your pending bills. Your immigration attorney will also advise you on the same grounds.

Insufficient Information:

If your forms and documents don’t hold enough of the mandatory required information for your visa, it is most likely to get rejected. Also, if the photocopies of your attached documents are not clear or readable, visa authorities have the right to cancel your application.

Additionally, required documents in foreign languages need to be accompanied with a certified translation, or else it may lead to rejection too.

Fraud or misinterpretation:

Immigration-AuthorityThis is the least likely of all possibilities. Your documents, passport, or your entire case may be misinterpreted which may lead to the officials denying you a visa.

Though this possibility is rare, it cannot be totally negated. Allow your attorney to take care of it if such a situation occurs. Your immigration attorney can look well into this matter like no one else can.

Unapproved family relationship:

There are only certain relationships approved by the immigration services while granting you a visa. If the relationships mentioned in the information you provide are not completely verified, chances are your visa may get rejected.

Such problems usually occur in children born out of wedlock where the father’s name is not listed on the birth certificate. It also happens for kids who are adopted or any such similar situations.

Immigration Attorney Fee Consultation:

visa-approvedMany people think that immigration attorney fee consultation is nothing but a bomb. That is not completely true. True that attorneys do cost a lot more than other professionals, but immigration attorneys will get your work done at a reasonable rate.

Also, you need to look at the bigger picture here: Gaining an entry into Canada for higher studies or work-related reasons will ensure that you get paid well in the future.

Which is why a couple of hundred dollars spent at the attorneys will not go in vain and will fetch you better results in the future.

Don’t be penny-wise, pound-foolish.


Maybe your reason for denial of visa is not listed above. Maybe your reason is something complicated, which even you are not able to fathom. Canada is a country which never compromises on its citizens’ safety when it comes to granting visas.

The authorities and officials will go to any extent to verify your authenticity if they ever get an idea of something fishy going on.

But in spite of this, in most cases, your deal will all be handled by your immigration attorney as soon as you explain what the setup is, and why they are holding back your visa.

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