How to make an espresso

Espresso was named for a cup of coffee that was prepared especially. Today, espresso is much more than just a hot cup of brewed coffee. It’s the “shot” that matters! The pressure, the blending with which the espresso turns out in your cup is what exactly matters. When done with the proper measurement and when you get reddish brown creme on the top, you get the perfect espresso in front of you! Unless you get that aroma of fresh ground coffee and sweet taste with the creme, you don’t have an espresso. Making an espresso is not like making any other hot coffee. This is an art and you will get perfect after some practice. Read ahead to know the perfect way to learn making espresso!

Complexity level: Moderate

Estimated time: 15 minutes

Estimated cost: $1 for 2 cups

Resources required:

1. Espresso machine
2. Espresso grinder
3. Espresso beans
4. Purified water5. Sugar (optional)


1. Take care of water used:
Water should be purified. Any distinct odor or taste will alter the taste and aroma of your espresso. Its not coffee, its espresso. Not even water can go a little wrong here.

2. Pour water in the chamber:
Pour water in the machine’s water chamber. For one espresso, you will need one shot. If you wish, you can also try for two. Different machines allow you to do different number of shots. Make sure the boiler’s lid is secured.

3. The beans:
Select the best of espresso beans. Grind them carefully. You will need one to two table spoons of ground coffee for one shot or one espresso. The standard shot of espresso is 1-2 oz. Put the ground coffee in the machine’s coffee basket. You will be able to see the measurement there.

4. Clean the filter:
Brush off any powder or dust on the filter.

5. Place the carafe/ cup:
Now place the carafe or your own coffee mug/ cup under the machine. When you switch it on, the machine will boil water and get it to the right temperature the espresso needs. Water will then be forced out of the machine with coffee.

6. Get the coffee flowing:
You will see the reddish brown foam or the creme coming out of the machine into your cup or carafe. You will know when the foam is getting lighter in color. This happens when your espresso is fully out of the machine.

Frequently asked questions:
How important are the beans for an espresso? Where can we find the right beans for espresso?
You can find the perfect espresso beans in any grocery store. An espresso grinder is very important to the espresso beans. Grind your beans carefully as grinding is equally vital. Make sure it’s evenly done. But this needs not to be very fine and smooth.

What is the ideal recovery time?
Recovery time refers to the time that the machine takes to filter the espresso into your cup. This depends on the machine. Larger machine will do it quicker than smaller machines.

Quick tips:
1: Grind your beans within 4 days of roasting to keep the aroma intact.
2: Conical grinders are preferred to flat ones because they grind the beans evenly.

Things to watch out for:
Do not grind the espresso beans too dark. The coffee will turn bitter.
2: Use fresh water only.
3: Make sure you clean your coffee machine regularly, else your coffee will eventually taste rancid.

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