Indian lovers mourn the end of Telegraph

India has made a place for itself among the advanced and developing countries of the world but there are many deep rooted social vice still alive. One such vice is to force an adult individual to marry against his/ her will in the same community that they belong to. When a couple crosses the limitations of community and creed and decide to get married, they are often hunted down and killed. With honor killing abound, young couples who have married without the permission of their family do not feel safe. The families lodge complaints with the police and take the help of law to persecute them.


Javed, a young Indian man, got married to the love of his life and took the help of Telegraph to send the news to their families, the police and the prime minister. They have been hiding from their family so that no one can separate them against their will or hurt them in any way. Javed and his wife do not belong to the same community and this created uproar among their families. Telegraph helped them save their lives from their dear ones. They pleaded with their parents not to file a police complaint because they are two consenting adults who have got married and that they are safe via the Telegram.

Such lovers would surely miss the convenience of Telegraph which now has become a thing of the past. With the development of technology, telegram has been losing its significance. People hardly use the telegram and the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd has been incurring heavy loss for maintaining it. It had become impossible for them to keep the telegram system going on. The international telegram was closed down in the month of April in 2011. A Japanese telecom company named NTT East Corp. have reinvented the telegram system by letting people send messages and items like flower bouquets and paintings.


The Indian subcontinent has a very huge population and despite of the fact that millions are using internet and cell phones, it is also true that many people still do not have access to those. For such people telegram used to be a convenient way of communicating important messages. According to estimates the number of people who do not have cell phones is more than 300 million in India. This makes us question the justification of stopping the telegram services in India.

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