India’s common man intends to take on grand parties in 2014 elections

The Aam Admi Party created to curb corruption in India has again gained some of the limelight due to the continuous attempts of its leader Arvind Kejriwal. During the anti-corruption movement around two years ago the AAP came into being. It lost its importance and significance as the anti-corruption movement subsided with time. In December the election poll will take place in Delhi. Soon in 2014 a new Prime Minister will be chosen. The government may change. This is a turbulent time in Indian politics. Surprising the main Indian political parties suddenly Aam Admi Party has emerged as a strong contender for the upcoming polls.


Corruption is a part of Indian politics that cannot be denied or overlooked anymore. A lot of scandals have been unearthed in the recent past that shows the sheer lack of morals among Indian politicians. The common people have long been deprived and victimized by their greed. Arvind Kejriwal is quite an exception and he has been fighting against corruption for a long time. He has utilized the public fury against the bribe takers and wrong doers. He has successfully created a fan following and now he is ready to give tough competition to Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi. He has declared that after winning in Delhi his party will spread throughout India and create an identity for itself.

AAP believes in the ideal of corruption free politics and serving the nation and its people without any personal or mercenary profit. Kejriwal has promised that he will deal in the most transparent manner and not keep the public he serves in the dark. A win for AAP does not seem possible but it may gain more significance in Indian politics in the near future. Even if they do not win, securing a nice percentage of votes in the Delhi polls will threaten both Congress and BJP. The common people are probably tired of the old-man-politics going on for ages in India. People would like to see what happens if a new party gains power. A strong and new opposition will keep the winning party in check and hopefully the greedy politicians will stop looting common people openly.

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