Is Arvind Kejriwal a real threat to Modi?

The brand of politics introduced by Arvind Kejriwal is associated with the aspiration of the common masses.  He epitomizes the dreams and aspirations of the common masses that were sidelined by the traditional parties. The anti corruption activist turned politician pulled off a miracle in the National Capital and literally altered the way politics is perceived by all.


After just one and a half year of the inception of the Aam Aadmi Party, it ascended to power in Delhi. AAP’s ascendency to power is based upon their conception of a corruption free system.  However, they are yet to finalize their stand on other important issues like National Security, and Foreign Policy. These are early days for AAP and its most recognizable face, Kejriwal.

Since he has been at the helm of the affairs in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal have done enough to gain the confidence of the people. However, he is novice in the art of running statecraft but you can be sure that maverick man and his clean image will get response from rest of the country.  He has set the tone for the coming Parliamentary elections with a successful party membership drive. People have flocked to register their name as the member of the party in every nook and corner of the country. It is estimated that about 12.5 million people will be enrolling themselves as party members.  Moreover, if it happens, Narendera Modi’s chances of being the premier of the country could take a blow.

Kejriwal’s “Issue based” brand of politics and his no compromise stand on corruption has made him the icon of the day. He has kept himself away from getting a security cover. Moreover, he has refrained himself from the frills that are generally associated with the politicians of the age. He is accessible to all unlike his Gujarati counterpart, Narendera Modi.


Narendera Modi and Arvind Kejriwal are the two leaders with distinct personas and convictions. With the limited recourses at his disposal, he managed to keep BJP at bay in Delhi Elections. Could he repeat the same magic in the parliamentary elections and prove a spoilsport for BJP and its PM candidate, Narendera Modi. The urban middle class vote bank that was traditionally allied to BJP is now shifting its loyalty towards AAP. This is a woeful trend and Narendera Modi must be pondering to find an antidote for the same.

Now, when the ruling Congress party is looking down the barrel, they are using the Kejri phenomenon to counter the Modi wave.  The grounds are obvious and clear as Modi could play a long innings as the PM of the country. This will keep Rahul Gandhi in the wilderness for a long to come.

The congress is suffering from Modi Phobia and at present.  If they want to keep him off 7-Race Course Road, they have to bank upon the AAP. The diversification of traditional BJP vote bank can get congress in power once again. Politics is a funny game, who knows what will happen when the biggest Democracy in the world would go into polls.

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