Is Rahul Gandhi’s political campaign worth the college-goers time?


Rahul Gandhi (born 19th June 1970) is now the rank 2 official member of the Indian National Congress party, where her mother, Sonia Gandhi is his boss. He is the vice-president of Indian National Congress party, the chairperson of the Indian Youth Congress and the National students Union of Indian.


Political career

Rahul Gandhi has a political career of nine years now. He is the fourth generation of the Nehru-Gandhi family in politics in the independent India. He claims himself to be “The Youth Leader” of the new generation in India. Sarcastically, a man in his 43rd year, claims himself to be the leader of the youth as he can match the mentally of the new generation.

The vice-president of the Indian National Congress decides to go big this year as his name has been put forward as the candidate for Prime Minister by his party for Lok Sabha election 2014.

Why it is not worth the time

Now here is a man who is the vice-president of the Congress Party, which is the majority in the ruling UPA II Government. The rank that he holds in the party demands for more awareness about the country he lives in, he never lifted any finger when this country faced crisis, and has enough black money to pile up his Swiss Bank accounts.

He is a man with no such political achievements other than securing an easy election contest seat at Amethi, UP. He has little or no connection to the public, communication incapability with the public and the Party workers.


Why would the youth of the nation support such a leader for his political campaign? Why would a sane voter of the country vote for this man who promises to bring a change without even showcasing any such illustration?

Now, why will the college-goers sacrifice their studies and devote time for the political campaign of Rahul Gandhi where the nation will not benefit from it, the youth themselves will not benefit from it, the sole entity to be benefited is Rahul Gandhi himself.


Being a Prime Minister of a nation is no easy task, it involves a great responsibility as he is answerable to the people of the nation for any incompliant action and he is eventually the chief representative of the nation in the global perspective. The only attributes that backs Rahul Gandhi to be the PM is his breed, the surname that his name follows. These are enough reasons why Rahul Gandhi’s political campaign is not worth the college-goers time.

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