Keeping cool this summer –Fashion trends


Thinking of beating the heat with a cool drink. Well, if you think that it is the only option available to cool your heels, pause for a moment. You can keep your cool with lightweight clothing too. A range of fabrics are available that help you look elegant and feel fresh at the same time.


According to designer Nishka Lulla, the summer dresses have to be breezy and light. Muslin is a perfect fit as it meets both these specifications. It is easy to wear and maintain, making it a preferred clothing for the harsh summer months.

Muslin is loosely woven and thus air moves in freely, helping you maintain your cool.


Cotton is quite popular every summer due to its unique qualities. Not only does cotton stays cool but is also an excellent absorbent. Cotton helps the skin breathe freely and if you are able to blend the same with a little silk, you can make a fashion statement for sure.


Linen shirts and trousers work very well for men. Linen is a light weight fabric and helps the skin breathe easy. When it comes to women choosing clothes made from linen, designer Anita Dongre recommends dresses designed in muted hues and digital prints. Linen drapes very well and as the fibre is quite strong, you can expect the shirt or trouser to last till next summer’s too.

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Traditional fabrics

Traditional designs never fade away. When it comes to looking for some traditional designs that can be worn in summers, the name of Chanderi and Maheswari fabric from Madhya Pradesh comes to mind. Besides being rich in quality and suiting the harsh climate of summers, the Chanderi and Maheswari fabric look elegant for any special occasion.

Designer Daniel Syiem advocates for khasi fabric known as Ryndia. In his words, the summer fashion is all about fresh and vibrant colours along with an elegant mix of simple style and skin friendly fabric and khasi fabric fits the bill.


Some designers advocate for fabric that is known for its transparency. Nishka Lulla is one such designer who prefers Organza for this particular reason. In her words, Organza when mixed with opaque fibre helps create an eclectic and cool feeling. As Organza is made from silk, the same thus has an Indian feel to it. Organza looks vintage and classy and is therefore the first preference of those who want an elegant mix of comfort and quality these summers.

Take your pick from the fabric listed above and make your unique fashion statement. Not only will you look elegant but will be able to make heads turn, wherever you go.

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