Looks matter – Make your own wax at home


An effective alternate to the kits you procure from the market, making your own wax at home can work wonders for you and help save some money too.

It is a known fact that waxing is a much better way of tending to your skin than going for hair removing creams and razors that sometimes have a side effect on your skin. Waxing has emerged as a viable alternative to all other measures that one adopts.

One can get waxing done at parlour, but the question remains that if waxing in parlours is the safe way out. Lumpy skin, itching and burning are some of the side effects that one might have to face if one goes for waxing in a parlour.

Not to worry though, a safe, organic homemade solution to all your waxing problems is available. You can make your own wax at home and overcome the problems that usually come along in a parlour.

For making your own wax at home all you need is 150-200 gram honey, a lemon that has been cut in half, some drops of essential oil and about 200 grams of granulated sugar.

Method for preparing wax at home

200 grams of granulated sugar is to be added in a saucepan and left to be melted. Ensure that the flame is medium in range. You will need to stir the sugar all the while to ensure that it does not burn. The same is to be stirred by a wooden spoon. The sugar is to be boiled for around 2 minutes.

Once the sugar attains golden colour, you can presume that it is ready. Now you will need to add 10 drops of aromatic essential oil in this mixture. This is done to give the mixture a fragrant appeal.

150-200 grams of honey is to be added to the sauce pan. The same needs to be stir well. The flame is to be kept medium in range, all the while the process is taking place. As you are stirring the mixture, you will need to squeeze half the lemon into the mixture.

After you do so, you need to sieve this mixture with the help of a cotton towel. The same needs to be kept for two minutes without disturbing. The mixture will attain golden yellow colour eventually and you can store the same in an air tight container.

Being purely organic and prepared at home, the wax can be used for taking care of your skin at any given point of time. Try the same and help keep your skin radiant and glowing.

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