Kind of men women hate

Some men often think of themselves as being irresistible when it comes to being in a relationship. This might be true to a certain extent but it is also equally true that the fairer sex too has its stereotypes when it comes to choosing the man in their life.


Dominant men are a strict no

It is a talk of the past as to when a male dominated society used to be considered normal. Beware of this fact and be prepared for losing the girl in your life, if you show any kind of dominance. It is equally true in today’s scenario that girls admire and recognize guys who care for their abilities, skills and care for their small needs.

In the words of Dr. Chirta Bakshi, relationship counsellor, women do not adore dominant behaviour and one has to be equally sensitive to the lady’s needs if they foresee a long term relationship.


Women always do not like macho guys

You might be surprised to know that though macho guys appeal to women but it is true in the reel world and not in the real world. Macho guys look great but are often aggressive. This is a quality that women almost hate. Aggressive guys create problems for themselves and others in real life too and no women would want the man in her life to be short tempered and ready for a fight at the smallest provocation.

Varun Chhabra, a personality development executive points out that women these days might like a macho guy but they would also want the man in her life to have a metro sexual image. If you are amongst the men who have a tough look but a soft heart, you would almost be a darling to the women in your life.


Women often keep sex starved men at bay

It is a fact that most men seek sex as a prime favour from their female partner. But things are at a different end for the women. They seek genuine love, warmth and commitment in the relationship and do not want the guy to be after her only for fulfilling his physical desires.

Sex and relationship counsellor, Dr. Geetu Bhardwaj points out that though women too are keen for enjoying physical intimacy with their partner, however the key factor in consideration for them would be emotional attachment and the understanding that evolves with time. Physical intimacy is a secondary consideration for women and they admire men who take time to understand the lady’s emotional quotient rather than going for her physical charm, all the time.

Women avoid men who use slangs too often

One has to be careful while talking to women. This holds equal importance when it comes to relationship as women avoid men who use abusive language and use slangs too often. Remember not to pretend in front of the lady as you would be spoiling your relationship rather than proving a point.

Keep the above facts in consideration and enjoy the comfort of being in a relationship. The lady in your life will admire you for your honesty and consider you to be her true friend.

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