Looks matter- Do women care for guy’s looks?

A recent research has come up with amazing results. It says that when looking for a potential partner, women tend to go for looks rather than the nature of the person. Let’s find out how true is this and if women really give preference to the guy’s looks rather than his nature.

Findings of the survey

The survey focused on the assumption as if what men and women desire the most in their potential partner. One might be surprised to know but women strongly disagreed on the guy having apps that looked flabby. Women preferred guys who were much in shape. Another fact which most women paid attention too was if the guy was serious enough for the relationship and wanted kids in the coming future.


Men on the other hand admitted that in their view women attracted attention by showing off bit of their skin. Confused as you might be by this revelation, the agency that conduced survey took some suggestions from people around in the business of beauty.

A media professional, Neha dwells on the needs and desires of today’s women and points out that things are not the same as they used to be in the past. In earlier times, women were often considered losers if they did not have a man in their life.


Things have changed now and like men who seek attractive women, the women too look out for guys who are good looking. It is also true that more number of women are indulging in casual sex with their male friends.

She however points out that women still want guys who show commitment in a relationship, however if this does not happen they do not get distressed as was common in the past. The women of today has learnt to take things in her stride and do not worry much.

So, is the assumption of the survey that women care for looks entirely true? Disagreement prevails as is evident by the words of Zia Shah another advertising professional. She says that looks do matter but it is not the only criterion when it comes to having a guy in your life. Personality does play its part and the girl would want his man to have an imposing personality.

Perceptions however change with the kind of relationship a woman is seeking. In case, the lady is looking for a short relationship, her desires and needs would obviously be different from those seeking a long term commitment.

Smiling mature couple standing together outdoors

For women desiring lifelong commitment in the relation physical attraction can be one of the criterion but not the ultimate realization as someone desiring a relation for friendship and short term duration seeks.

Whatever, may be the ultimate result and conclusion of the survey, the fact of the matter is that every individual seeks genuine friendship in life and in case one is able to get it, they desire and try their utmost to hold on to the relation. This is true in case of men and women alike and both are seeking commitment and understanding which only comes when one realizes the true worth of being together.

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