Kindergarten children suffer the wrath of rivalry of authorities


Rivalry can take ugly turns not sparing even kindergarten children. This happened when two children of a kindergarten school in China died after drinking poisoned yoghurt by a rival school. These two girls of Pingshan country in Hebei Province of China suffered convulsions after consumption of the yoghurt and died later. Owner of the rival kindergarten and an associate have been detained after confession by rival owner that they poisoned the yoghurt.

The said rival owner confirmed that she had mixed rat poison in the yoghurt and her associate had put that yoghurt with the notebooks of the children on the road to the school from where the grandmother of the children took it unaware of the contamination of the contents. Both the children died moments after consuming the yoghurt.

According to the grandmother, she had kept the yoghurt alongside the books and pen which she had picked up from the road. In the afternoon, the girls came and drank the yoghurt and found the taste somewhat unusual and enquired from her. She also tasted it and thought there was something wrong with the bottle of the yoghurt. By then, both girls had collapsed and were foaming from mouth. The grandmother also displayed some problems after tasting it and had to undertake treatments.

Yuan Ailing, a Primary Education Professor at School of Life Sciences in East China Normal University, termed this as an extreme case and stressed on the lack of supervision in preschool education. She also pointed out the negligence of local government authorities in supervising pre-schools. Many departments have the duty of managing kindergartens but they are not doing it responsibly.

The incident’s primary cause was due to the two kindergarten owners trying to accelerate their number of students and therefore they were trying to malign the image of one another. Generally these private kindergarten schools don’t have necessary facilities due to lack of capital money and therefore indulge in such kind of activities to increase strength of children.

Such cases are equivalent to child abuse and need to be dealt with more strictly. Different incidents of similar kind have been happening in China like recently a man entered a school and slashed many kids and an adult with a knife and, in another incident, a car thief killed an infant who was sleeping in the back seat of the car which he stole. Learning about these incidents, one starts thinking there are no extents to one’s greed which lead to such incidents involving even infants.

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